JRL NEWSWATCH: “Fred Weir on New York Times’ ‘Operation Infection'” – facebook.com/fred.weir

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(Fred Weir (Christian Science Monitor) – Facebook – facebook.com/fred.weir – November 13, 2018)

“This is pretty lurid stuff, very much a prime specimen of the information genre it is denouncing. Odd to find it in the New York Times; even during the Cold War it was left to less reputable platforms to hawk this kind of hyperventilating, conspiracy-laden polemic. For the record, “Infektion” is not a Russian word, and the English form — with or without a K — does not agree with Russian grammar. The applicable Russian word would be “Инфекция”, but, well, anyhoo . . .  I’m not particularly suggesting anyone watch the whole thing. It basically argues that the Soviet KGB devised this Operation Infektion long ago, and has been at it ever since, honing their methods, increasing their influence, step by step, and are now more powerful than ever. The little matter of the USSR’s collapse only seems to have encouraged them, apparently. Ronald Reagan knew how to deal with their kind, but Western leaders ever since have been hopeless wimps. Part Three is the one to watch, if you feel like tasting this. [links to New York Times, “Operation Infektion: Russian Disinformation: From Cold War to Kanye” nytimes.com/2018/11/12/opinion/russia-meddling-disinformation-fake-news-elections.html] New York Times Masthead from 1913 adapted from image at loc.gov

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