JRL NEWSWATCH: “A History of Chess in Russia” – Chess24

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“In the 80 years since Alexander Alekhine became World Chess Champion in 1927 until Vishy Anand took the title from Vladimir Kramnik in 2007, Russian or Soviet players held the title for all but five years – Max Euwe (1935-37) and Bobby Fischer (1972-75) were the only players to disturb the dominance. … FM Andrey Terekhov looks at those years, but also the longer 1000-year history of chess in Russia. … the sixth installment of the #HeritageChess campaign, supported by the Lindores Abbey Heritage Society. The goal of this essay is to introduce you to the history of chess in Russia … from ancient times, through … the Russian Tsars, to the Soviet era … finally to … the last 30 years. … touch[ing] … on the most important events and players. I hope … even … a quick and whirlwind tour will provide the reader with an appreciation of the rich heritage of Russian chess ….”

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