Interfax: Attempts to hold nationalist rallies due to terrorist attacks in Volgograd are unacceptable – Federation Council

Large Mother Russia Statue Near Volgograd

MOSCOW. Dec 30 (Interfax) – The attempts to hold any nationalist rallies due to terrorist attacks in Volgograd are unacceptable, the Russian Federation Council said.

“Amid the current situation various nationalist movements should not be allowed to earn points with this tragedy, terrorist attacks and people’s grief. Appeals for nationalist gatherings are voiced in Volgograd. Such rallies will play into the hands of terrorists alone because this is exactly what they are pursuing – destabilization, interethnic enmity and confrontation with the authorities,” head of the committee on information policy, senator Ruslan Gattarov told Interfax on Monday.

It is necessary to postpone all issues in the national and interreligious sphere now, Gattarov said. “Efforts for consolidation, not separation, are needed. I do not rule out that external forces are behind the series of terrorist attacks in Volgograd, that is why our special services should cooperate at the international level more actively,” the senator said.

The terrorist attacks have a sole purpose – to redeem the money coming from abroad to finance terrorist activities, Gattarov said. “It is necessary to block channels of such financing more actively and rigorously. We have a relevant legal basis,” he said.

Volgograd was not a random target, the senator, former Volgograd region governor Nikolai Maksyuta said. “Volgograd, aka Stalingrad, is known worldwide and of course these terrorist attacks cause public outcry,” Maksyuta told Interfax.

Special services and law enforcement authorities will make every effort now in order to find the organizers of the terrorist attacks, Maksyuta said. “We will learn very soon many details, down to names and surnames and this is good. It is a different issue that special services and law enforcement agencies should work proactively. It is evident that they have failed somewhere and have not coordinated their actions clearly and this series of terrorist attacks shows it,” Maksyuta said.