Interfax: Anti-Semitism surging in Ukraine – Israeli diplomat

File Photo of Torah Scrolls

MOSCOW. Feb 11 (Interfax) – A senior Israeli diplomat has complained about an alleged upsurge of anti-Semitism in Ukraine.

“In the last few years – I mean before this crisis – there was a decline in anti-Semitic sentiments in Ukraine. Now, of course, with the situation being as heated as it is, everything is bubbling over there,” Anna Azari, Foreign Ministry deputy general director for Eurasia, told Interfax.

“Unfortunately, as it seems to me, both sides are using the anti-Semitism theme as an instrument of some kind. In other words, each side wants to accused the other of anti-Semitism and earn political points thereby,” she said.

“We are trying, on the one hand, to follow what is happening to the Jewish community, and, on the other, not to get duped in a situation where everyone is trying to fish something out of troubled waters,” Azari.