Human right activist supports British ban on Russians on Magnitsky List

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(Interfax – July 9, 2013) Russian veteran human rights defender, Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG) head Lyudmila Alexeyeva has supported the British ban on 60 Russians on the Magnitsky List from entering the UK.

“Certainly, I would like people involved in the Magnitsky case to be punished here, in Russia. That would have displayed our wish to become a democracy, put an end to violations of human rights and have fair trials,” Alexeyeva told Interfax on Tuesday.

“Yet this is not happening. Let them be punished at least on the international level,” the human rights activist said.

“The British decision is very painful. For our rich love for visiting the UK,” Alexeyeva said.

The Home Office barred 60 Russians on the Magnitsky List from entering the UK, The Daily Telegraph said.

It said the barring of the Russians was contained in a response in April to a written inquiry from Conservative MP Dominic Raab if any of the Russians on the Magnitsky List visited the UK last year.

The Home Office said it was aware of the people on the Magnitsky List and had taken measures to deny them British visas.

Magnitsky died at a Moscow detention facility on November 16, 2009. He was accused of tax evasion.

U.S. President Barack Obama signed the Magnitsky Act linked with the repeal of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment on December 14, 2012. The Act imposed visa restrictions and financial sanctions on Russian officials suspected by Washington of being involved in the death of Magnitsky and other violations of human rights.