EVENT & WEBCAST: “The Putin Profile: A Conversation with Dr. Fiona Hill” – Kennan Institute, Wednesday, July 29

Redacted File Photo of Fiona Hill, adapted form image at seanmaloney.house.gov

Kennan Institute [- wilsoncenter.org/program/kennan-institute]
July 29, 2020
10:30am – 11:15am

RSVP for webcast: engage.wilsoncenter.org/a/putin-profile-conversation-dr-fiona-hill

Vladimir Putin’s presidency has lasted over 20 years. In July, he further cemented his grip on power with the approval of a series of new constitutional amendments, giving him the ability to extend his presidency to 2036 and potentially making him the longest-serving head of state in modern Russian and Soviet history.

Join us on July 29 for a conversation with Dr. Fiona Hill on Vladimir Putin, his regime, and how her thinking on Putin has evolved over the years.

[featured image is file photo from another occasion]