Church official recommends elite to bring their funds back to Russia

Archpriest Vsevolad Chaplin file photo

(Interfax / Religion – Moscow, April 3, 2013) The Russian church official urges Russian elite to realize their responsibility before nation and make their capitals work for the welfare of the Russian economic system.

“Our elite has to consider attentively the signs of time and think whether it is time to change, to restore their connections with people and make them feel that you can be useful,” head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin writes in the latest edition of the Rus Derzhavnaya Orthodox paper.

He noted that today countries of the Western Europe face a crisis and those who were sure that “they will manage to keep money, spend their old days and safely earn at the seemingly calm West suddenly see that everything is not that easy.”

“It is probable that confiscation of some major fortunes in Cyprus is only beginning of the feast celebrated by the left idea in its worst meaning that finally comes up to a slogan “take away and divide,” the author writes.

The priest also touched upon “the tragic destiny of the former oligarch number one (Boris Berezovsky – IF), noting that it should make us think “if we are not afraid of such destiny that can be in store for each of us even if we have very little money, connections and influence, but we work to reach it not less than the late politician from business and businessman from politics.”

“Too many of you use to think that really important in life is money, influence, connections, possibility to manage others’ destinies, crowd of fans and co-workers. But a Christian, especially during the Great Lent, should remember: all this will not only ruin in one moment, but will never make us truly happy, especially if we live only for it,” the author said.