RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2015-#3 table of contents with links :: Tuesday 6 January 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2015-#3 :: Tuesday 6 January 2015

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1. Russia Direct: Yakov Mirkin, Can the Kremlin steer Russia away from economic crisis in 2015? With Russia currently experiencing economic turbulence due to the Ukraine crisis, falling oil prices and the sanctions wars, influential economist Yakov Mirkin predicts further difficulties and warns against the Kremlin undertaking ill-advised strategies.
2. Russian website predicts unpopular social reforms, budget cuts in 2015. (Tatyana Stanovaya)
3. Ray McGovern, Rebuilding the Obama-Putin Trust.
4. The Independent (UK): Tony Brenton, Is no one in the West trying to do a deal with Putin? Obama and Cameron should show more courage and seek to reassure the Russian leader of their intentions.
5. Mark Adomanis, The Year in Review.
6. Mark Adomanis, How Yanukovych Fell.
7. TASS: Right Sector units refuse to obey orders of Ukrainian Defense Ministry.
8. Kyiv Post: Talks on Ukraine in Normandy format to continue on Jan. 9.
9. Reuters: War-torn Ukraine sees highest inflation in 14 years.
10. Andrii Ianitskyi, The high price of democracy in Ukraine. Ukraine is almost bankrupt. The budget for 2015 is unrealistic. Root and branch reform has stalled. There is a war still going in the east of the country. Where now?
11. Fort Russ: Rada Deputy: Ukraine Will Suffer from Civil Unrest During all of 2015.
12. Huffington Post: Motyl, Ukraine’s Donbas Is Like America’s Deep South.
14. Bryan MacDonald, A renaissance for Crimea? Peninsula looks with hope to the future.
15. Fort Russ: Former Ukrainian Servicemen Reflect on Serving Russia in Crimea.
16. Christopher Miller, The War Came to Me. How I went from Peace Corps volunteer to reporting on Ukraine’s front lines.
17. The Russian ruble’s tumultuous history.
18. RFE/RL: Russia’s Oscar Hopeful Is Dark, Critical –And Patriotic. (Leviathan)
19. Russia Beyond the Headlines: In it together: How communal apartments shaped the outlook of generations. Communal apartments, where strangers lived as one big family, shaped many generations of Soviet and Russian citizens, and continue to exist even today. The lack of a private life, a striving to dole out rights and responsibilities equally, snitching, and a willingness to help one’s neighbors were all characteristic of an upbringing in a communal apartment.
20. Business New Europe: Mark Galeotti, 2015 will be Russia’s year of ruling dangerously.
21. Russia expert: Putin growing paranoid, can only keep peace by increasing repression, and primarily driven by physical survival. (Karen Dawisha)
22. Foreign Affairs: Sarah Mendelson, Generation Putin. What to Expect From Russia’s Future Leaders.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion