RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#266 table of contents with links :: Wednesday 30 December 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2014-#266 :: Wednesday 31 December 2014

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1. Ukrainian MP counts 217 Kremlin agents in the Verkhovna Rada.
2. Voices of Ukraine: Yana Moyseyenkova, Ukraine is not a host for Russian parasites.
3. Christopher Miller, Ukraine’s top intelligence agency deeply infiltrated by Russian spies.
4. Bloomberg: Ukraine May Leave Crimea’s Fate to Next Generation, Premier Says.
5. Kyiv Post: Yatsenyuk wants to keep ties with Crimea, Donbas.
6. Interfax: Ukraine crisis caused by USSR’s “reckless” dismantling – Gorbachev.
7. ‘EU can’t really solve Ukraine’s problems.’ (interview with Martin McCauley)
8. Moscow Times: Oliver Stone Interviews Yanukovych for Documentary on U.S. ‘Coup’ in Ukraine.


9. New Scientist (UK): Russia boasts best mental agility at World Mind Game.
10. TASS: Happy New Year is Russians’ most-favoured wish forever.
11. Sputnik: Putin Mentions This Year’s Olympics in His Annual New Years Speech.
12. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Denis Volkov, Blanket media coverage and apathy pushing Russians toward self-isolation. While global media talked about Russia’s potential isolation from the rest of the global community in 2014, Russians were forming their own attitude to the outside world. Sociologist Denis Volkov sees the key trend unfolding among ordinary Russians as self-isolation – the population’s voluntary disengagement from the global agenda, the roots of which are a heavy media focus
13. The National Interest: Dmitri Trenin, The Great Clash Explained: What Drives Dangerous Tensions between the West and Russia. “The lesson of the Napoleonic wars about the need to integrate a former adversary-which was forgotten after WWI, with disastrous consequences and then heeded after WWII-has been forgotten again.”
14. Carnegie Moscow Center: Looking Back on 2014. ALEXEI ARBATOV, MIKHAIL KRUTIKHIN, ALEXEY MALASHENKO.
16. Reuters: Special Report: For many Russians, a growing list of problems – but not with Putin.
17. New York Times: Russians See Costlier Food as No Crisis.
18. Reuters: After 15 years in power, Putin risks running out of luck.
19. Reuters: As oil falls, Russia choked by military, social spending.
20. Sputnik: What the Year 2015 Has in Store For Russia’s Economy.
21. Mark Adomanis, Should You Believe The Numbers About Russia?
22. Mark Adomanis, Will Russia’s Economic Crisis Turn Into A Demographic One?
23. Ekho Moskvy radio (Moscow): This regime “should be destroyed”, says Russian protest leader.
24. Russian economy attacked through oil prices – Obama.
25. The National Interest: Nikolas Gvosdev, Russia’s Double-Trouble Dilemma: Crashing Oil Prices, Tough Sanctions. Can the Russian bear stage a comeback?
26. New York Times: How Putin Forged a Pipeline Deal That Derailed.
27. Moscow Times: What to Expect From 2015, The Year of The Goat.
28. International New York Times: HANS BINNENDIJK, CHRISTOPHER S. CHIVVIS and OLGA OLIKER, Rapprochement With Russia?
29. Wall Street Journal: Search Goes On for Putin’s Breaking Point. Economic Woes Compound Western Pressure on Russian President Over Ukraine.
30. Sputnik: Pepe Escobar, 2015 Will Be All About Iran, China and Russia.
31. Rossiya 1 TV (Moscow): Russian state TV talk show discusses year outcomes, Ukraine, economy.
32. Russia Direct: Pietro Shakarian, Here is what happened in the South Caucasus in 2014. In 2014, Moscow attempted to normalize relations with Georgia, integrate Armenia into the new Eurasian Economic Union, and find ways to work with Azerbaijan on Caspian security – all while dealing with a range of territorial disputes in the region.
33. Kommersant: Foreign Minister Lavrov interviewed by Russian paper.
34. Russian Foreign Ministry releases list of “key foreign policy events of 2014”

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion