RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#258 table of contents with links :: Wednesday 17 December 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2014-#258 :: Wednesday 17 December 2014

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1. Sputnik: Medvedev: ‘Russia Has Experienced Tragic Events in Ukraine as Our Own Pain’
2. ‘Dating that will never end in marriage’: Medvedev describes Ukraine’s chances in EU.
3. Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Dmitry Medvedev, Russia and Ukraine: Living by new rules.
4. Reuters: Russia says it wants east Ukraine to stay with Kiev under reformed constitution.
5. TASS: Russian foreign minister calls Poroshenko Ukraine’s “best chance”
6. Kyiv Post: Krassimir Yankov, Eastern Ukraine slides towards disaster.
7. Reuters: Despite conflict, the show goes on in east Ukraine.
8. The most Googled recipe in Ukraine this year was for Molotov cocktails.
9. Reuters: EU says Ukraine needs $15 bln, has limited ability to help.
10. Business New Europe: Ben Aris, What price European values when economic collapse is imminent?
11. Reuters: Kerry says Russia sanctions could end if Putin takes right steps.
12. Moscow Times: Ukraine Ranked 3rd Deadliest Country for Journalists.
13. Business New Europe: All love for Russia lost in Ukraine.
14. The National Interest: Judy Twigg and E. Wayne Merry, Ukraine’s Real Crisis: A Demographics and Health Time Bomb. “Efforts by new leaders and by Western sponsors to restore the unity of Ukraine must include improving the health of its population, West and East-a challenging, but necessary task.”
15. The Vineyard of the Saker: Vadim Zolotaryev, Ukraine As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Geologist.


17. Sputnik: Putin Will Meet With Journalists at Annual Press Conference on December 18.
18. The National Interest: Sergey Radchenko, A Geopolitical Nightmare: No Happy Endings If Russia Melts Down. “What happened in Crimea was a terrible thing. What happened in Ukraine was a tragedy. What is happening in Russia now is a threat to the global order.”
19. The Guardian (UK): Angus Roxburgh, Wrecking Russia’s economy could be a disaster for the west. It’s sheer folly to hope that the country is destabilised and Vladimir Putin overthrown. We’ve no idea what the outcome would be.
20. AP: Russia’s sinking ruble threatens global ripples.
21. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Oil prices, ruble, inflation all bite Russia, but how badly? Between Western sanctions and plummeting crude oil prices, things are looking grim for Russia’s economy. But Russians appear prepared to weather the storm.
22. Business New Europe: Ben Aris, MOSCOW BLOG: Picking through the ruble.
23. Business New Europe: Medvedev says ruble ‘undervalued’ as slide slows.
24. Russia has enough resources to reverse ruble crisis – Medvedev.
25. Reuters: Russian rouble suffers new fall but the collapse slows.
26. Moscow Times: Fears of Capital Controls Grow as Russia’s Economy Goes Haywire
27. Russia’s next financial option may be ‘nuclear’
29. The Economist: Russia’s rouble crisis. Going over the edge. A deep recession is now a certainty for Russia in 2015. Things could get much worse.
30. Russia Beyond the Headlines: What awaits Russia’s economy in 2015 after ruble collapse? As the Russian ruble plunges to new lows against the U.S. dollar and the euro, and the Central Bank scrambles to take emergency measures to stave off economic collapse, speculation of the fate that awaits Russia’s economy next year is rife, with recession already practically a certainty. Former deputy chairman of Russia’s Central Bank Konstantin Korishchenko shares his view on Russia’s economic prospects
31. Moscow Times: Russian Media Downplay Extent of Ruble Crisis.
32. Moscow Times: Mark Adomanis, Russia Doesn’t Need Luck, Just Better Policy.
33. Moscow Times: Vladimir Ryzhkov, Russia’s NGOs Are Under Increasing Pressure.
34. Most Russians consider Putin personality cult unlikely – poll.
35. Reuters: Tmothy Heritage, Ruble crisis could shake Putin’s grip on power.
36. Reuters: Strobe Talbott, In 2015, Vladimir Putin may witness his empire’s death knell.
37. Bryan MacDonald, Those craving ruble collapse aren’t immune from aftershocks.
38. Michael Crowley, Is Obama destroying the Russian economy? Sanctions helped sink the ruble, officials say privately.
39. George Friedman, Viewing Russia From the Inside.
40. Moscow Times: Mark Galeotti, Putin Meets the Ghosts of Christmas Past.
41. Russia Beyond the Headlines: A war of words in U.S.-Russia relations.The press has hyped poll numbers showing an increase in anti-Americanism in Russia, but experts argue that the numbers need context.
42. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Gavrill Popov, 25 years after his death, Andrei Sakharov’s political ideas remain relevant.
43. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Putin’s grand experiment. Ivan Tsvetkov discusses Russia’s foreign policy in 2014.
44. Carnegie Moscow Center/RBC: Dmitri Trenin, The End of Consensus: What does Europe Want from Russia?
45. NATO is not Russia’s enemy – Lavrov to French media.
46. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s interview with French TV – transcript.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion