RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#221 table of contents with links :: Friday 24 October 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2014-#221 :: Friday 24 October 2014

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1. The Economist: Ukraine before the election. The battle for Ukraine’s future. The country is running out of time to overcome corruption.
2. Anna Nemtsova, Ukraine’s Home Front Grows War Weary. As elections approach on Sunday, so do protests about the government’s neglect of soldiers on the front line.
3. Business New Europe; Graham Stack, Ukraine’s parliamentary elections could pave way for new constitution.
4. TASS: Russia recognizes Ukraine parliamentary election – Ivanov.
5. Russia Direct: Pavel Verkhniatskyi, Even after elections, Ukraine’s parliament will be a house divided. The Petro Poroshenko bloc may be a frontrunner in this weekend’s parliamentary elections in Ukraine, but there are plenty of plotlines and intrigue ahead of the final vote.
6. BBC Monitoring: Q and A: Ukrainian parliamentary election 26 Oct 2014.
7. AFP: ‘What vote?’: Ukrainian refugees in Russia scorn Kiev poll.
8. TASS: Ukraine’s elections to have no major effect on overall situation.
10. Bloomberg: Ukraine Crisis Fosters New Political Breed.
11. TASS: Struggle for prime-ministerial position unfolds among main political actors in Ukraine.
12. Reuters: Richard Woods, Special Report: Why Ukraine’s revolution remains unfinished.
13. Lucian Kim, Ukraine’s Slow Descent Into Madness. While it fights rebels in the east, Kiev is beginning to crumble from the inside.
14. Wall Street Journal: Barroso Says EU Can Give Ukraine At Most $1 Billion to Pay Bills. Kiev Needs to Settle a Bill to Russia That Would Allow Ukraine to Receive Gas from Gazprom Again.
15. Russia Beyond the Headlines/Kommersant: New stumbling block emerges in Russia-Ukraine gas dispute.
16. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, In gloomy Ukraine, an unexpected gleam for one company. With a slumping economy and shaky cease-fire, Ukraine’s troubles are unlikely to be solved by its first post-Maidan parliamentary elections on Sunday. But the Vetropack factory outside Kiev is getting by despite the country’s misfortunes.
17. Moscow Times: Russian Intellectuals Ask State-Run TV to Admit Falsehoods in Ukraine Reports.
18. Reuters: Russia still has troops in Ukraine, NATO says.
19. RIA Novosti: Donetsk People’s Republic Hopes to Free Part of Donbas by End of November: Prime Minister.
20. Reuters: Ukraine oligarch put on the spot as rebels nibble at his empire. (Rinat Akhmetov)
21. The Guardian (UK): Ukraine crisis – the view from Russia. Former Russian spy chief Nikolai Patrushev challenges western perspectives on the standoff between Moscow and Kiev in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
22. Financial Times: Anders Aslund, Marshall’s postwar logic holds true in Ukraine today. The west will have to co-operate to stop Putin and should do so now.
23. New York Review of Books: George Soros, Wake Up, Europe.


24. The most educated countries in the world.
25. TASS: Putin: new serious conflicts involving world powers possible.
26. Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club.
27. Moscow Times: Russia Beats U.S. and Japan as Best Place to Live for Expats, Survey Shows.
28. Business New Europe: Chris Weafer, Putin’s Nevsky-Stolypin tandem.
29. Moscow Times: Finance Minister: Russia Needs Backup Budget For Worst-Case Scenario.
30. RIA Novosti: Western sanctions increase Russians’ fears over economy – poll.
31. TASS: Russia’s 2015-2017 budget relies on optimistic forecasts.
32. Interfax: Ulyukayev: GDP likely to decline in 2015 if low oil prices persist.
33. Reuters: Russia looking haggard but default risks low for now.
34. Moscow Times: Robert Person, Is Russia Heading for a New 1998 Crisis?
35. Financial Times: Western analysts fear blowback from Russia sanctions. US and EU measures seen as counter-productive and potentially dangerous.
36. The International New York Times: Maxim Trudolyubov, Russia’s Halfway House.
37. Washington Post: Dissident Russian artists getting squeezed by political pressure.
38. AP Interview: Russia’s Navalny Vows to Fight Putin.
39. Russia Insider: Is the CIA Running a Defamation Campaign Against Putin? (interview with The Saker)
40. Russia Direct: Vladimir Evseev, No, Russian submarines are not attacking Sweden. The story of a Russian submarine discovered off the Swedish coastline is just the latest example of attempts by the media to portray Russia as an aggressive power flexing its military muscle in Europe.
41. Moscow Times: With Ukraine Revitalizing NATO, Russia Dusts Off its Own Security Alliance.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion