RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2019-#93 :: Tuesday, 4 June 2019

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#93 :: Tuesday, 4 June 2019
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1. TASS: The flame of truth will never die: West can’t make Russia give up Victory Day.
2. Vesti Inside Look at President’s Office! Putin Reminisces About Memorable Moments in Office!
3. Like in the Wild West, US tells Europe to buy American natural gas at gunpoint – Kremlin spokesman. (interview with Dmitry Peskov) –
4. Interfax: Medvedev approves plan for creating ‘regulatory guillotine’ mechanism.
5. RFE/RL: Forget Changing The System. Just Don’t Build The Church Here: ‘Localized’ Protesting Poses A New Challenge To The Kremlin.
6. Paul Goble: Kremlin Likely to Fire Mayors and Governors Where Protests Occur, Causing Even More Problems.
7. Washington Post: Timothy Frye, Russians don’t trust Putin as much as they did last year. And they don’t trust other politicians, either. Is the Kremlin going to undermine public opinion polling to get the results it wants?
8. Washington Post: Samuel Greene, Russians’ trust in Putin has plummeted. But that’s not the Kremlin’s only problem. The real bad news is that, increasingly, Russians are refusing to answer the survey question at all.
9. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Russia After Vladimir Putin. The country’s future might not be so dull as its present, according to the Free Russia Foundation.
10. Techradar: Russia’s Sovereign Internet Bill explained. What would happen if Russia unplugged itself from the rest of the internet?
11. Russia must defend its part of the internet against ‘illegal actions’ by foreign states – Kremlin.
12. Vedomosti: Fewer Russians can afford vacation abroad – poll.
13. King of the castle: Gazprom overtakes Sberbank to become Russia’s most valuable company.
[Text with charts]
14. Coca-Cola, Boeing among US companies to attend Russia’s St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
15. TASS: American officials won’t attend SPIEF unless Calvey case resolved, says US embassy.
16. Interfax: Kudrin hopes for release of ‘trustful businessman’ Calvey from custody.
17. Bloomberg: Julian Lee, Face it, OPEC. Russia Is No Longer Your Friend. There is the nagging sense that Russia is starting to control OPEC just a little too much.
18. Russia Beyond: Who was Valery Legasov, the Soviet scientist that saved the world from Chernobyl?
19. Moscow Times: Ilya Shepeli, Putin’s Media Struggle to Deal With HBO’s Chernobyl. The fact that an American, not a Russian, TV channel told the story about our own heroes is a source of shame for pro-Kremlin media.
20. Chinese businesses consider moving production to Russia as trade war with US escalates.
21. Russia denies withdrawing specialists from Venezuela, says cooperation is set to expand.
22. Russia Matters: Paul Saunders, Leveraging Venezuela: How Russia Sees Its Interests in US Backyard.
23. US NATO ambassador says Turkey must back down on Russian missile purchase.
24. Financial Times: Turkey will not backtrack on Russia air defence deal, says Erdogan. Ankara to press on with S-400 purchase, setting it on a collision course with Washington.
25. TASS: Kuchma received extended mandate for Donbass talks, says expert.
26. TASS: Kommersant: Zelensky’s pursuit of US support may open lead to Ukrainian election meddling.
27. Izvestia: Senior lawmaker views prospects for Russia-Ukraine relations. (Konstantin Kosachyov)
28. Zelensky Announces Bold New Millennial Friendly “Smartphone Nationalism” Policy For Ukraine!
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29. Euromaidan activist with neo-Nazi links joins Facebook as public policy manager.

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion


Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

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