RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-186 :: Wednesday, 24 October 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#186
Wednesday, 24 October 2018

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1. Russia Beyond: How to raise children the Russian way []
2. Valdai Discussion Club: Dmitry Suslov, Living in a Bifurcated World: The Crumbling Cannot Go On Forever. []
3. Paul Goble: Authoritarianism in Russia Comes from Bottom Up Not Top Down, Karaganov Says.
4. TASS: Putin urges more effective support of small and medium enterprises.
5. Small Business as a National Project forum.
6. Russia Insider: Moscow’s Massive Agriculture Fair Reveals Staggering Achievements in Last Few Years (Russian TV News). All Russian embassies abroad will soon be getting a new kind of personnel – agricultural attaches – to deal with burgeoning Russian agricultural exports. []
7. Moscow Times: Putin Won’t Have to Look Far for Darkest View of Russian Economy, Kudrin Says.
8. Royal Institute of International Affairs: Nigel Gould-Davies, Russian Concerns Over Sanctions Are Growing. Alexei Kudrin is the latest leading figure to contradict the official line in Moscow that sanctions are ineffective.
9. What sanctions? US, Japan & India join new Russian LNG project.
10. The Real News Network: Unintended Consequences: US Sanctions on Russia and Iran Weaken Dollar’s Rule. []
11. The National Interest: Curt Mills, Trump and Putin To Meet In Paris Next Month. Meanwhile, Rand Paul and John Bolton duel over Trump’s Russia policy.
12. Interfax: Russia wants to seek common ground in relations with U.S. – Putin to Bolton.
13. Meeting with Assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs John Bolton.
14. TASS: Media: Russia, US move towards mutual strategic containment.
15. TASS: NATO expects New START Treaty to be extended in 2021, says Stoltenberg.
16. Carnegie Moscow Center:” Dmitri Trenin, Back to Pershings: What the U.S. Withdrawal From the 1987 INF Treaty Means. Moscow needs to remain calm and hold back emotions. U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty won’t compromise Russia’s security, which rests on the pillars of nuclear deterrence and mutually assured destruction.
17. Russia Matters: Withdrawing From the INF Treaty: Consequences and Costs. (expert views)
18. RFE/RL: One Down, One To Go? Demise Of INF Could Threaten Another, Bigger Missile Treaty.
19. John Bolton discusses US reasons for INF withdrawal. Despite fears about the US withdrawing from the INF, John Bolton suggests that this is to make way for a more relevant multilateral treaty. []
20. The National Interest: Interview With Richard Burt: The Dangers of Withdrawing from the INF Treaty. “We’re potentially just a short distance from a major mistake.” (excerpt)
21. Washington Times: Edward Lozansky, Bolton in Moscow on whose agenda?
22. Bolton visits Caucasus amid anti-Iran campaign. All three countries lack American ambassadors.
23. Wall Street Journal: NATO Dusts Off a Cold War Skill: Moving Troops. Alliance is holding its biggest military exercise in decades, testing its ability to transport soldiers and equipment by road, rail and water.
24. The American Conservative: Ted Galen Carpenter, Poking the Russian Bear With the NATO Umbrella. Our Western European partners thought it was a bad idea then, and do now. Why aren’t we listening?
25. New Generation of American Politicians Forgot About Nuclear Threat, Think They Can Win War With Russia. []
26. TASS: Roscosmos ready to send delegation to US for negotiations with NASA.
27. Russian International Affairs Council: Sabine Fischer and Ivan Timofeev, Selective Engagement between the EU and Russia. []
28. Rethinking Russia: Daria Kazarinova, Towards Greater Eurasian security architecture.[]
29. TASS: Japan to sign peace treaty with Russia, Abe says.
30. Interfax: Skripal’s niece unable to contact family members in UK, fears for her life – newspaper.
31. NYU Jordan Center: Eliot Borenstein, Researching Russian Conspiracy Theories in the Age of Trump.
32. Washington Times: Robert Mueller’s sinking Russian collusion ship.
34. Vedomosti: Russian paper views implications of Orthodox Church split. Daniil Parenkov, expert of the Russian International Affairs Council: Politics of canons and borders.

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