RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-181 :: Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#181
Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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1. Moscow Times: Dmitry Yakushkin, Sometimes, Moscow Needs Explaining. The stories behind the facades reveal a city unlike any other.
2. Top 10 Russophobes of 2018: See who made RT’s prestigious list this year. []
3. Valdai Discussion Club: Totalitarianism of Love: How Not to Get Lost in a Changing World. []
4. China’s Lesson to Russia: Hit With Full Force; Fight ‘Em on All Fronts! Econ, Tech and Military! []
5. RFE/RL: Russia’s Top Judge Spurs New Talk Of Changing Constitution.
6. The Times (UK): Mark Bennetts, Putin’s stooge suddenly wants the leading role. The veteran ultranationalist’s aggressive and often eccentric rhetoric is striking a chord with a significant slice of the Russian electorate. (Vladimir Zhirinovsky)
7. Wall Street Journal: Leon Aron, Russian Pensions and the Risk of War. Putin raises the retirement age, inflaming the street. Will he find an external enemy to shore up support?
8. Elizabeth Bauer, Putin’s Russian Retirement Age Hike And U.S. Social Security.
9. Russia mulls fines for involving minors in unlawful protests.
10. Inside Higher Ed: Ararat Osipian, Russia’s Rankings Aspiration and Moscow State. Putin has declared the goal of getting five Russian universities into the top 100 in world university rankings by 2020 one of the nation’s top priorities for research and education, an initiative known as Project 5/100.
11. Moscow Times: Russia Climbs in Global Competitiveness Index.
12. The 7th Open Innovations Moscow international forum. (Medvedev)
13. Bloomberg: Inflation Stalking Russia Adds to ‘Hopelessness’ Among Consumers.
14. TASS: De-dollarization plan does not contain restrictive measures – Russia’s Finance Ministry.
15. Bloomberg: U.S. Business Warns on ‘Scorched Earth’ Russia Sanctions.
16. Bear Market Brief: World Cup added more growth than expected.
17. Reuters: Exclusive: Russian High Tech Project Flounders After U.S. Sanctions.
18. US sanctions policy against Russia undermines dollar’s reserve currency position – Goldman Sachs.
19. Yale Daily News: US-Russian journalist talks rise of Putin. (Vladimir Pozner) [Video of talk:]
20. Foreign Affairs: Olga Oliker, Moscow’s Nuclear Enigma. What Is Russia’s Arsenal Really For?
21. Moscow Times: Pavel Luzin, Existential Problems Threaten U.S.-Russia Space Cooperation. Following a series of recent crises, Russia has yet to prove it is a reliable partner.
22. Russian International Affairs Council: Sanctions Activity of the US and the EU in Regard to Russia: Consequences for Arctic Projects.
23. Reuters: How Russia Moved Into Central Africa.
24. Zakharova: London is Playing Games; Skripal Story Still Full of Holes and UK Doesn’t Even Care. []
25. Sputnik: Danish Bill Proposes 12 Years in Prison for ‘Pro-Russia’ Opinion.
26. TASS: Izvestia: Global geopolitics behind Ukrainian religious rift.
27. TASS: Experts see little possibility of Moscow, Constantinople mending ties soon.
28. Orthodox Christianity bordering on a ‘Great Schism,’ but crisis can be resolved – Russian Church.
29. Kyiv Post: Alexander Hug, Hearing the bell toll in the Donbas.
30. PONARS Eurasia: Alexander Cooley and George Gavrilis, The Cold War, Post-Cold War, and the Academy: Policy Recommendations from an Oral History of Russian and Eurasian Studies.

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