RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-117 :: Wednesday, 27 June 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#117:: Wednesday, 27 June 2018
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1. RFE/RL: Putin Says Bolton Visit Gives Hope For Steps To ‘Restore Full-Scale Relations’
2. TASS: Russian-US ties ‘not at their best’ due to internal political strife in US, says Putin.
3. TASS: Kommersant: White House’s super hawk tasked with preparing Putin-Trump summit.
4. TASS: Putin promises to share experience of hosting FIFA World Cup with US.
5. Hawk lands in Moscow: Trump-Putin meeting & more in store for Bolton’s Russian visit, say analysts.
6. TASS: Neither Russia, nor US will agree to compromise during Bolton’s visit – analyst.
7. Russia Beyond: To what extent will the Russian economy profit from the FIFA World Cup? [Text with links, photos, and chart:]
8. Ben Aris, Russian stocks are the cheapest in emerging markets.
9. Bear Market Brief: Unions want to negotiate with the Duma on pension reform.
10. Meduza: How bad are things for Russia’s oldest liberal democratic political party? Well, it’s currently suing itself in Moscow. (Yabloko)
11. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Russian Orthodox Church structure seen as barrier to reform.
12. Medvedev orders to prepare anti-US sanctions similar to Europe and China’s.
13. TASS: Energy may become driving force for Russia-US ties – minister Novak.
14. The National Interest: Dave Majumdar, How Russia’s Military Is Becoming Even Deadlier. (with comment)
15. New York Times: In Eastern Europe, Militaries Gird Against Russian Might and Manipulation.
16. Sputnik: WADA Informant Rodchenkov Attempted to Commit Suicide in Washington – Reports.
17. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Former minister says Putin-Trump summit can break ‘vicious circle.’ (Igor Ivanov)
18. Washington Times: Edward Lozansky, The Trump-Putin summit: What is the agenda? Syria and Ukraine are thorny issues for U.S. and Russia.
19. Izvestia: Russian pundit says US ‘destroying’ system of arms control. (Konstantin Bogdanov)
20. Asia Times: Robert Skidelsky, Family values: the growing alliance between Putin and Western populism.
21. Ukraine president looses public support, poll says.
22. Reuters: Exclusive: Ukraine Says Russian Hackers Preparing Massive Strike.
23. Sputnik: Mission Complete: What the US Really Had in Mind for Ukraine. []
24. Sputnik: Inside Look Into the Death Squads Used by Ukrainian Counterintelligence. [Text with photos and graphics:]
25. New York Times: Yulia Latynina, Putin’s Threats: More Bark Than Bite.
26. New York Times magazine: Mattathias Schwartz, A Spymaster Steps Out of the Shadows. John Brennan quietly ruled the national-security state under President Obama. Now he’s coming forward to rail against Trump – and to defend his own legacy.
27. Facebook: Michael Carpenter, Russia to Trump: We Own you.
28. Ray McGovern, Did Sen. Warner and Comey ‘Collude’ on Russia-gate?. The U.S. was in talks for a deal with Julian Assange but then FBI Director James Comey ordered an end to negotiations after Assange offered to prove Russia was not involved in the DNC leak. []

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