RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-60 :: Tuesday, 28 March 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#60
Tuesday, 28 March 2017

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1. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Why Russian protests are making the Kremlin rethink 2018 presidential elections. The implicit choice in next year’s elections was looking like ‘Putin or nothing.’ But the breadth of protests Sunday organized by anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny is changing that equation.
2. TASS: Russia’s Interior Ministry vows to ‘get tough on provocations’ should they intensify.
3. Mikhail Fedotov, the chairman of Russia’s Presidential Human Rights Council, says he supports the police response to nationwide unsanctioned protests.
4. New York Times editorial: President Putin Under Pressure.
5. Washington Post editorial: The Russian regime’s critics are falling dead, but their discontent can’t be killed.
6. RFE/RL: Brian Whitmore, More On Russia’s Protests.
7. The Guardian (UK): Eva Hartog, A harsh but just ruler’: what do Russians think about Putin? One hundred years on from the revolution, six Russians give their views on Vladimir Putin and their country’s place in the world today.
8. Fighting Russophobes & enemies of Soviet rule tops Communist election agenda.
9. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Navalny’s “support” for Communists is mistake – Russian expert. (Mikhail Zubov)
10. Russian protests seen likely to turn into political conflict.
11. The Spectator (Australia): Matthew Dal Santo, Russia’s modern Reds and Whites.
12. LeftEast: “Scratch a Russian liberal and you’ll find an educated conservative”: an interview with sociologist Greg Yudin.
13. Liam Halligan, Foreign investors in Russia ignore Cold War rhetoric.
14. Russia turns its eyes and wealth to the Arctic.
15. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Proposed ‘big data’ law will empower Russians in the digital realm. Russians will have more control over how their personal data is used.
16. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Roving Bandits in the Wild Fields. Why is corruption so bad in Eastern Europe? And what can be done about it?
17. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Vita Spivak, Does Russia’s 1990s privatization hold any lessons for China? State-sector reform is crucial for the long-term prospects of the Chinese economy, but it remains unclear how Russia’s experience in dealing with the state sector could be of any use to Beijing.
18. TASS: Military expert warns US ABMs can detect any missile shield, even Russian ones.
19. TASS: Russian General Staff: Nearly all low-orbit satellites within reach of US missile defense.
20. Carnegie Moscow Center: Denis Volkov, The Trump Effect and Russians’ Attitudes Toward the United States. Russians’ fondness for Donald Trump doesn’t mean that anti-American sentiment has suddenly disappeared in Russia. But even though Trump’s election is unlikely to reverse decades of mistrust, his statements about improving relations with Russia have already had an impact on Russians’ attitudes toward the United States.
21. The American Conservative: Philip Geraldi, Russia-gate’s Unasked Questions. Comey’s testimony settles nothing.
22. ‘AP’s malicious lie’: Russian tycoon denies dealing with Trump’s ex-aide to ‘benefit Putin’
23. Kimberly Marten, How To Protect Average Americans From Russian Hacks.
24. Malcolm Burnley, Why Philly’s Russians Are Crazy for Trump. They love the brash capitalist who reminds them of why they came to America.
25. London Review of Books: Sheila Fitzpatrick, What’s Left? (review of books about the Russian revolution)
26. The National Interest: Anton Fedyashin, How Lenin and Wilson Changed the World. Two competing universalist visionaries managed to change the geopolitical game.
27. TASS: Lavrov vows that Moscow won’t leave Donbass residents ‘high and dry’
28. ‘The Displaced Ukrainians: Who Are They And What Do They Think?’
29. Human Rights in Ukraine (Kharkiv): Halya Coynash, Poroshenko signs anti-Maidan law against NGOs & journalists fighting corruption.
30. EU Reporter: Olexandr Vilkul, The threat of far-right populism in Ukraine.
31. Ola Cichowlas,The Most Hated Man in Russia. This weekend’s protests proved one thing: From Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, everyone hates Dmitry Medvedev.

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