RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-51 :: Wednesday, 16 March 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#51
Wednesday, 16 March 2017

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1. Russia Beyond the Headlines: St. Patrick’s Day in Russia: Why the Orthodox Church recognizes it. A cartload of beer from the Patriarch’s press secretary, “as long as it’s not Halloween” and impeccable saints: How St. Patrick’s Day officially came to Russia and why it has only happened now.
2. Reception to mark Naina Yeltsina’s birthday anniversary.
3. Meeting with Government members.
4. TASS: Russians see their country as one of world’s most influential superpowers.
5. International Business Times: Russia Taking Over The World? Poll Shows Citizens Believe They’re Very Influential.
6. TASS: Russian top diplomat slams allegations of Moscow’s new imperial ambition as hoax.
7. Sputnik: Kremlin Reveals Putin’s Attitude to Ideas of Reinstating Monarchy in Russia.
8. Anna Arutunyan, Who will make Russia “great again”? Russia’s legal-rational establishment has yet to emerge. But the rise of Alexei Navalny demonstrates that when it does, it will inevitably be nationalist.
9. Novaya Gazeta: Russian editorial welcomes recent “liberal pivot”
10. Liberal Democrats walk out of Duma session after corruption row with United Russia.
11. The Guardian (UK): Daria Litvinova, Festival tries to reclaim Russian feminism – but is it radical enough? Hundreds attend Fem Fest in Moscow to talk about domestic violence, rape and low pay in male-dominated society.
12. Apple Russia found guilty of price fixing on iPhones.
13. TASS: First-class asset: How biggest combine changes lives in Russia
14. Kenneth Rapoza, Russia’s Gazprom Doubling Down On ‘Anti-Ukraine’ Baltic Pipeline.
15. TASS: Chinese premier sees great potential in trade cooperation with Russia.
16. (Brussels): Chizhov: Don’t ask me if Russia plans to have an ambassador in Edinburgh. In a wide-ranging interview, Vladimir Chizhov, the Russian ambassador to the EU, spoke to about energy relations, sanctions and eastern Ukraine, multi-speed Europe, elections, referendums, covert action, and Donald Trump.
17. The Hollywood Reporter: Daniel Fienberg, Critic’s Notebook: As America Revives Russian Boogeyman, ‘The Americans’ Goes for Shades of Gray. While the news cycle stokes our paranoia about Russia, FX’s ‘The Americans’ has been busy digging into Soviet history and Russian-American relations with welcome depth and nuance.
18. Michael Tracey, A Disaster In The Making: The Long-Term Consequences Of Russia Hysteria.
19. Vanity Fair: T.A. Frank, THE TERRIFYING TRUTH BEHIND THE TRUMP-RUSSIA MESS. Attempts to eject Trump prematurely from his post could unleash demons far worse than any that we’re seeing now.
20. Sputnik: Russian Budget Cuts Lead to Broadcast Limits for Sputnik, RT – Editor-in-Chief.
21. US senator wants to probe RT as a ‘foreign agent’…What’s next, public executions?
22. RT separates facts from fakes with new online project.
23. Russian Universe: Sergey Armeyskov, #ESOTERICRUSSIALISM.
24. Christian Science Monitor: Steve Donoghue, ‘March 1917’ follows Russia and the US in a year that shaped the future. Journalist Will Englund suggests that World War I set both the United States and Russia on the paths they would follow for the next century.
25. Leonid Bershidsky, Russian Propaganda Can’t Beat Awkward Honesty.
26. AP: Ukraine Announces Economic Blockade of Rebel-Held Territory.
27. Paul Goble: Hitler’s Anschluss and Putin’s – Similarities and Differences.
28. Foreign Affairs: Robert David English, RUSSIA, TRUMP, AND A NEW DÉTENTE.

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