RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-45 :: Friday, 3 March 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#45
Friday, 3 March 2017

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1. Center for the National Interest: Russian Perceptions of the Trump Administration and the Future of U.S.-Russia Relations. (Andrey Sushentsov)
2. The Independent (UK): Mary Dejevsky, The Jeff Sessions controversy is nothing more than a witch-hunt against the Trump administration. Democrats find it easier to blame Russia than accept that they lost in a fair fight.
3. Kenneth Rapoza, Trump Continues To Take Heat For Russia Detente.
4. Washington Post: David Filipov, Moscow blames anti-Russian hysteria for Sessions’s plight.
5. ‘Like McCarthyism’: Lavrov slams US ‘witch hunt-like’ scrutiny of Russian ambassador’s contacts.
6. Mark Lawrence Schrad, Vladimir Putin Isn’t a Supervillain.Russia is neither the global menace, nor dying superpower, of America’s increasingly hysterical fantasies.
7. David Johnson: How we got here: one theory.
8. Washington Post: Callum Borchers, Anonymous sources are absolutely killing Trump’s presidency.
9. Moscow Times: Consummate Diplomat or Intelligence Mastermind: The Russian at the Heart of Trump Scandals. To some, Sergei Kislyak is a loyal diplomatic functionary. To others, he’s the top Russian spy recruiter in Washington.
10. Russia Beyond the Headlines: 8 things to know about the mad world of motherhood in Russia. Russian mothers confidently walk outdoors with ne wborns even in subzero temperatures, and read their children bedtime stories almost until adolescence. In her book, “Motherhood, Russian Style,” American writer Tanja Maier explores these and other peculiar methods for raising children.
11. Bear Market Brief: A word on the “babushka boom.”
12. Moscow Times: Gangsta’s Paradise: How Rap Became Russian. Thirty years after first scandalizing the public, hip-hop is still pushing boundaries.
13. AP: Russian Opposition Leader Accuses Premier of Corruption. (Medvedev)
14. Medvedev’s spokesperson dismisses Navalny investigation report as elections propaganda.
16. Rethinking Russia: Only methodic work can make 2017 regional elections successful.
17. Idea of female president supported by one-third of Russians – poll.
18. The Economist: Whispers from the Kremlin. A secure messaging app has become Russia’s juiciest news source. Anonymous authors claiming to be in the know may face a government crackdown.
19. Alexander Mercouris, Doping scandal: Putin responds to WADA’s retreat. Following apparent admission by IOC and WADA that there may not have been a state sponsored doping conspiracy in Russian sport, President in conciliatory comments suggests a way forward.
20. Russia Beyond the Headlines: How soon will ISIS be defeated in Syria? Victory over ISIS appears within reach, but experts predict that the war in Syria will continue for some time to come.
21. RFE/RL: Moscow Says Unfazed By U.S. Defense Spending As Long As Balance Preserved.
22. Russian International Affairs Council: Pavel Kanevsky, Trump’s Philosophy of Economics.
23. Russia Insider: Putin Left Speechless After Journo Hints at Revolution in Central Asia (VIDEO).
24. Ben Arts, Is Belarus on the cusp of an economic crisis?
25. Kyiv Post: No. 1 enemy is also No. 1 investor, 3 years into Russia’s war on Ukraine.
26. Global Voices: Ukraine Will Blacklist Websites That ‘Undermine Ukrainian Sovereignty’
27. Facebook: Ivan Katchanovski, Maidan shootings.
28. Anatoly Karlin, Kolomoysky’s Veto.
29. Simply blaming Russia for Ukrainian crisis ‘naive & dangerous’ – British MP.
30. RFE/RL: Brian Whitmore, When It All Began. (re Pussy Riot)
31. New York Times editorial: Vladimir Putin Comes Half Clean on Olympic Doping.
32. Washington Post editorial: Sessions’s recusal can’t be the end of the story. It’s recusal is a welcome step, but an independent commission may yet be needed.
33. The Nation: James Carden, Round Up the Usual Suspects, It’s Time for a Show Hearing. By excluding dissenting voices on US policy toward Russia, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has been reduced to a vehicle for prejudice reinforcement.
34. The Economist: Dazed and recused. Donald Trump’s latest Russia scandal
35. The Atlantic: Strobe Talbott and Jessica Brandt, What Putin Is Up To. And why he may have overplayed his hand.
36. CNN: Don’t expect ‘smoking gun’ in investigation of Russia role in 2016 election.

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