RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-238 :: Thursday, 21 December 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#238
Thursday, 21 December 2017
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1. Moscow Times: Patriotism at Historic Highs in Russia, Poll Shows.
2. Most Russians see their country as a great power – poll.
3. Bear Market Brief: Poll finds growing demand for reform.
4. Putin: Foreign intelligence agencies trying to meddle in Russia’s internal affairs.
5. Interfax: Kremlin sees attempts of external pressure in run-up to elections, they are futile – Kiriyenko.
6. Moscow Times: Putin Offers Debt Relief to 42 Million Russians Before Elections.
7. No plans to invite US, PACE monitors for 2018 presidential poll, says Russian lawmaker.
8. Pro-business party confirms ombudsman Titov as candidate in 2018 election.
9. The Economist: In search of a new gear. Mr Putin will win next year despite, not because of, the economy. Russia’s recession has ended. But without further reform growth will stagnate.
10. The Nation: Patrick Lawrence, When Putin Talks, It Is Worth Listening. On foreign-policy questions, many Russians stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their leader.
11. Meduza: Russian lawmakers want to make it possible to blacklist individual people – literally anybody with Internet access – as foreign-agent mass media outlets.
12. Rossiyskaya Gazeta:Russian senator interviewed on ‘foreign agent’ media law, Ukraine. (Aleksey Pushkov) (excerpt)
13. The Nation: Stephen Cohen, Why Russians Think ‘America Is Waging War Against Russia.’ Russiagaters allege, with no evidence, that “Russia attacked America” in 2016, but many Russians believe-with reasonable cause-that the US has been attacking their country for 25 years.
14. Financial Times: Russia’s elite faces nervous wait for US to reveal sanctions list. Exiled opposition activists compile register of names they want targeted.
15. Kennan Institute: Dominik Tolksdor, Kennan Cable No. 29: U.S. Sanctions Law and Western Coordination on Russia Policy. (excerpt)
16. Nic Robertson, Ignore the noise: Russia still wants good relations with Trump.
17. RFE/RL: News Analysis: U.S. Policy Toward Russia Toughens, Despite Trump Talk.
18. Washington Times: Faced with libel lawsuit, dossier drafter Christopher Steele hedges on linking Trump to Russia.
19. The Daily Mail (UK): Russia simulated invading Europe and bombing Germany with massive drills just months ago, analysts reveal.
21. The Cipher Brief: John Sipher, Russian Active Measures and the 2016 Election Hack. (excerpt)
22. London Review of Books: Jackson Years, What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking. (excerpt)
23. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, The Cyber Whodunit and the International Blame Game. It’s too easy for nations to accuse their adversaries, and technical data are poorly systematized.
24. Interfax-Ukraine: Survey shows most Ukrainians think battle against corruption lost.
25. Washington Post: Josh Rogin, Trump administration approves lethal arms sales to Ukraine.
26. The National Interest: Nikolas Gvosdev, Trump’s Ukraine Lethal Aid Approval Is Not A Gamechanger. The change is not as earth-shattering as some reports and announcements on Twitter might make it.
27. International Crisis Group: Can Peacekeepers Break the Deadlock in Ukraine? Implementation of the Minsk ceasefire agreement remains deadlocked. Russia’s first proposal of a UN peacekeeping force in Ukraine’s breakaway eastern regions cannot work, but it opens a much-needed window for diplomacy. (excerpt)
28. “Beat Your Own to Frighten the Enemy”: Georgian Maidan Snipers Set to Testify About Mass Shooting in Kiev.
29. The Nation: Sophie Pinkham, The Candle of Memory. A new history of the Ukrainian famine illustrates the perils of using the past in service of today’s politics.(re RED FAMINE: STALIN’S WAR ON UKRAINE By Anne Applebaum)

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of CIS Central Asia and Environs

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