RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#195 :: Wednesday 7 October 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#195
Wednesday – 7 October 2015

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1. The Washington Times: Putin signs law reviving Stalin’s Soviet-era fitness standards.
2. March 13, 2014: Susan Glasser, Putin on the Couch. Washington is infuriated, outwitted and just plain befuddled by him, so we asked America’s leading Putinologists to get inside the head of the Kremlin strongman.
3. Wall Street Journal: Stephen Kotkin, Russia’s Snarling Stuntman. Russia is declining, with talent and capital in full flight. Yet despite this wretched hand, Vladimir Putin is trumping the West.
4. The Interpreter: Paul Goble, It’s Time to Recall Kennan’s Long Telegram and Forget His Later Optimism about Change in Russia.
5. Tabula: Edward Lucas, Putin’s Ascendency. The biggest mistake we can make in dealing with Vladimir Putin is to believe that he thinks the way we do.
6. Euromaidan Press: Kseniya Kirillova, Seven strategies of domestic Russian propaganda.
7. US: Russia Building ‘Arc Of Steel’ From Arctic To Med. Improving Russian naval power is aimed at challenging NATO, top admiral says.
8. Moscow Times: Natalia Antonova, Kashin’s Putin Letter Shows the Power of Words.
9. The Guardian (UK): Oleg Kashin, ‘Look what you’ve done’: an open letter to Vladimir Putin. In a searing indictment of Russian leaders, journalist claims government is failing to prosecute those responsible for an attack that nearly killed him.
10. The Interpreter: Stephen Blank, Russia’s Market Mythology.
11. Moscow Times: Vladimir Ryzhkov, Syrian Adventure Will Cost Russians Dearly.
12. The International New York Times: Ivan Krastev, Is Vladimir Putin Trying to Teach the West a Lesson in Syria?
13. New York Times editorial: Mr. Putin’s Motives in Syria.
14. Wall Street Journal: PAULA J. DOBRIANSKY and DAVID B. RIVKIN JR, Congress Can Respond to Putin With More Sanctions. Obama complains about Putin but does nothing. Here’s another way to squeeze him back home.
15. Simon Shuster, Russian Propaganda Struggles To Find Good Reasons For Bombing Syria.
16. The American Interest: Andrew Michta, Ukraine & Syria. Putin’s Pianos. The largest audience for Putin’s Syrian concerto isn’t in the Middle East or the U.S. but in Europe.
17. Reuters: Ian Bateson, Putin rehashes Ukraine rhetoric on Syria, but Nazi comparisons fail to convince.
18. Benjamin Haddad and Hannah Thoburn, Putin Aims at Syria – and Strikes Europe. Take note, Europe: By bombing Syria, Putin has finally put Russia back at the center of the world.
19. Paul J. Bonicelli, Putin’s Realpolitik, For The Win. Did the Russian president just checkmate Obama?
20. Putin’s playbook in Syria draws on Ukraine and loathing for revolution.
21. Brookings/Vox: Jeremy Shapiro, Putin’s deafness on Syria.
22. What Is Putin Really Up To in Syria? 14 top Putinologists weigh in.
23. Washington Post: Robert Person, Here’s why Putin wants to topple Ukraine’s government, not to engineer a ‘frozen conflict’
24. Lviv becomes a model for development in Ukraine.
25. Kyiv Post: Hostages of Putin’s regime.


Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia