Ukrainian Culture Ministry makes list of 117 Russian performers threatening national security

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(Interfax – July 8, 2015)

By way of implementing the law On Amendments to Certain Laws on the Protection of TV and Radio Space of Ukraine the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture has made a list of 117 performing artists from Russia that has been submitted to the relevant authorities, the ministry’s website says.

The report notes that by way of enforcing the law the Ministry of Culture shall make a list of persons posing a threat to national security on the basis of motions from the National Security and Defense Council, the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting. In keeping with the law the state cinema authority has already barred some 400 Russian-made films from demonstration. The Ministry of Culture also uses other lawful levers to minimize the propaganda impact of Russian cultural personalities.

“The Ministry of Culture has submitted to the relevant authorities a list of 117 performers who in our opinion constitute a threat to national security. The Security Service of Ukraine is conducting an investigation and will submit the findings to court, the judgment of which serves as the reason for inclusion in said list. […] Such a list will be posted on the website by August 3,” Deputy Minister of Culture Yury Zubko said.

He said that the Ministry of Culture is open to cooperation with activists and public organizations monitoring ‘anti-Ukrainian’ activities of Russian cultural personalities. It intends to study reports from these public institutions and send them to authorities in charge of national security for response.

In addition to the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of the Information Policy, the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting Issues, the State Committee for Television and Radio and the state cinema authority have the powers of protecting the information space.