RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2015-#43 table of contents with links :: Wednesday 4 March 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List JRL 2015-#43 :: Wednesday 4 March 2015
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1. Moscow Times: Sherlock Holmes, Pavel Kogan and The Theory of Everything – What to Do in Moscow on Wednesday.

2. The National Interest: Rajan Menon, Boris Nemtsov’s Murder: Don’t Jump to Conclusions. There’s no evidence yet to support any theory.

3. Putin wants Russia spared from ‘brazen’ crimes like Nemtsov murder.

4. Reuters: Russia’s Putin calls Nemtsov’s murder political.

5. TASS: First suspects in Nemtsov murder identified–Federal Security Service.

6. Sputnik: Ford Seen At Nemtsov Murder Scene Was Security Car Being Used as Gypsy Cab.

7. ‘Russia not beacon of democracy, but much freer than it was in 90s.’ (interview with Evgeniy Minchenko)

8. Reuters: Ukraine to Hike Interest Rates to 30% Amid Economic ‘Tailspin’

9. Reuters: Ukraine’s economy is starting to disintegrate: Polish Deputy PM.

10. Interfax: Kostin calls Ukraine a bankrupt nation.

11. Kyiv Post: Fight cuts short March 3 session of parliament.

12. TASS: Ukrainian separatists under “food blockade” thank Russia for help.

13. Ukraine replenishes Donbass tank supplies amid ceasefire.

14. Moscow Times: Chris Weafer, Can the Ruble Maintain Its Recent Recovery?

15. Moscow Times: Foreign Russia Investors Warn Over Nemtsov Killing.

16. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Screenwriter Alyona Barsukevich: ‘If I’m fired I’ll be in serious trouble.’ RBTH continues its Coping with the Crisis series, a collection of stories about how people of different social groups are surviving the economic crisis and how their lives have changed. This time we speak to a young specialist, screenwriter Alyona Barsukevich, who admits that it is becoming difficult to plan a future in Russia.

17. Mark Adomanis, The Demographic Consequences of the Crash.

18. Christopher Westdal and Jeremy Kinsman: On the edge of peace – or catastrophe – in Ukraine. (retired Canadian diplomats)

19. Russia Direct: Russian experts brace for a reign of political terror after Nemtsov murder. Think Tank Review: Russia’s think tanks analyzed the implications of the Nemtsov murder, warning that it could usher in a new period of violence and bloodshed within Russian political society.

20. Channel One TV (Moscow): Russian TV show deals with fragmentation of society following Nemtsov murder.

21. Vedomosti editorial: Murder of Boris Nemtsov and foreboding of civil war. It is difficult for regime that has counted on hatred to refrain from intensifying violence both outside and within country.

22. editorial: Retribution to order: How the killing of Boris Nemtsov is dangerous for the country.

23. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, Myths about the Murder of Boris Nemtsov. Most of the “facts” cited to “prove” state involvement in Boris Nemtsov’s murder have no foundation.
24. Fort Russ: Nemtsov spent his last day under close surveillance by the killers.

25. Moscow Times: Russia’s Vaguest Laws and Their Unexpected Consequences.

26. Russia Beyond the Headlines: New law will allow NGOs to lose ‘foreign agent’ tag – on certain conditions.

27. Interfax: Russians think Donbass may follow in Transdniestria, Abkhazia footsteps – poll.

28. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, For Russia’s opposition, loss of Nemtsov is about more than the man. The murder of Boris Nemtsov leaves the anti-Putin bloc without someone who can bridge the gaps between communists, liberals, and nationalists.

29. Andrey Vinokurov, Protest under way. Protest may become more radical following Boris Nemtsov’s murder.

30. Paul Goble: Russians Less Likely to Protest as Their Situation Deteriorates, Urnov Says.

31. Carnegie Moscow Center: Sergej Sumlenny, Sanctions Vortex or Global Thinking?

32. Reuters: Text of Reuters Interview With Obama. (excerpt re Russia)

33. Moscow Times: Obama Extends Sanctions Against Russia, Citing Threat to ‘National Security’

34. The White House: Notice — Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Ukraine.

35. TASS: US president’s decision to prolong anti-Russian sanctions far-fetched – analysts.

36. ‘We should absolutely consider lethal aid’ to Ukraine – US Gen. Martin Dempsey.

37. US Soldiers Readying for Ukraine Deployment.

38. UNIAN (Kyiv): Ukrainians want Kiev to take back Crimea – poll.

39. Washington Post: Alexander Motyl, Five fatal flaws in realist analysis of Russia and Ukraine.

40. The National Interest: James Carden, America’s ‘Weaponized’ Diplomacy in Ukraine. Has the State Department gone too far?

41. Security experts shape Russian strategy to counter color revolutions – report.

42. Antony Penaud: A Charlie Hebdo moment in Moscow?

43. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Georgy Bovt, War in Ukraine is a struggle for new rules in the global game. The world should not hold its breath for a simple resolution to the confrontation that has arisen between Russia and the West over Ukraine – beyond the struggle for influence over Ukraine’s destiny lies a deeper ideological conflict. Moscow has issued a challenge to the U.S.-led unipolar model that has dominated global geopolitics for the last 25 years, and there is too much at stake for

44. Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre, 12 Survival Lessons from Ukraine.


Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion