RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#165 contents with links :: Wednesday 30 July 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2014-#165 :: Wednesday 30 July 2014
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1. Interfax-Ukraine: Klimkin: Conflict in Ukraine the most serious since Cuban missile crisis.
2. Pavlo Klimkin, The bitter lessons of MH17.
3. Interfax-Ukraine: Ukrainian servicemen take over Avdiyivka, cleansing Ilovaisk and liberating Pervomaisk.
4. Kyiv Post: Ukrainian media release videos to boost morale, love for nation’s army (VIDEO).
5. Kyiv Post: Dmitry Tymchuk’s military blog: Nobody wants to put pressure on Kremlin over its shelling of Ukrainian troops.
6. Euromaidan Press: Four evangelical Christians executed by pro-Russian terrorists for ‘sectarianism and treason’
7. Voices of Ukraine: Sexual slavery in occupied Luhansk.
8. Richard Grenell, Memo to the White House: Stop talking and act.
9. Former CIA spy: Putin using Soviet tactics to confuse US. (Jack Devine)
10. Euromaidan Press:, After Putin.
11. New Republic: Julia Ioffe, The West Has Cornered Putin-and That’s When He’s Most Dangerous.
12. Reuters: Nina Khrushcheva, Putin’s anti-American rhetoric now persuades his harshest critics.
13. Financial Times editorial: Closing a 25-year chapter with Russia. Putin’s misconduct made new sanctions inevitable.
14. The American Interest: Andrew Michta, Stopping Putin’s Irredentist Project. The West is treating the fighting in eastern Ukraine as a sui generis crisis, rather than what it is: part of Putin’s larger strategy.
15. The Australian: Geoffrey Luck, Putin resumes the big lie.
16. Time: Simon Shuster, In Russia, Crime Without Punishment.
17. Wall Street Journal: William Galston, The Putin Test for Obama in Ukraine. Sanctions on Russia are not enough. The U.S. should provide Kiev with intelligence and arms.
18. Euromaidan Press: MH17 crash is a planned terrorist act, Illarionov says.
19. Stephen Holmes and Ivan Krastev, Putin’s Losing Streak. The Malaysia Airlines Disaster and the New Sanctions on Ukraine.
20. Center for Strategic and International Studies: Sarah E. Mendelson, John R. Harvey, Responding to Putin’s Plan Post-Crimea.
21. American Enterprise Institute: Leon Aron, Russia’s next moves in Ukraine after the downing of MH17. Testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
22. Los Angeles Times: Leon Aron, With Ukraine, Putin is courting the home crowd.
23. Paul Roderick Gregory, Times Report Casts Shame on Obama’s Handling of Ukraine Crisis.
24. The National Interest: Ian Bond, Denis Corboy, William Courtney, and Kenneth Yalowitz, Russia and the West’s Dangerous Clash: Time for NATO & EU Expansion East?
24. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: Putin’s ‘Russian Spring’ Idea was Invented by Russian Fascists in 1920s.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion