RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2019-#70 :: Thursday, 25 April 2019

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#70 :: Thursday, 25 April 2019
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1. Eurasia’s burgeoning populations to overtake a vanishing population in Eastern Europe. (excerpt)
2. ‘We have no secrets from US’: Putin says he is ready to tell Trump about Kim talks.
3. Wall Street Journal: From Russia, Not Much Love: Kim-Putin Meeting Proves Light on Substance. The two sides pledge closer ties, but Moscow makes no public offer of economic assistance to sanction-burdened North Korea.
4. Asia Times: Andrew Salmon, Kim-Putin summit proves anti-climactic. Call for multi-lateral framework to guarantee North Korean security is only new suggestion from Vladivostok summit.
5. News conference following Russian-North Korean talks.
6. Less red tape & better business environment Russia’s best response to external constraints – Putin.
7. TASS: Putin confident Russia to have no difficulty in joining world’s 5 most developed economies.
8. Kenneth Rapoza, Russia’s Stock Market Keeps Breaking Records.
9. Misleading Survey Results Prove Russians Respect History; Not That They Long For Return of Stalin! –
10. Meduza: The trials of Open Russia How the Russian government uses laws against ‘undesirable organizations’ to target activists from a single human rights group.
11. MSM-designated inventor of ‘hybrid warfare’ says US has been waging it against Russia for ages.
12. TASS: Kommersant: Russia slams US destabilizing steps across the world at Moscow conference.
13. The National Interest: Lily Wojtowicz, America and Russia Must Agree to Avoid a New Arms Race. Public opinion has played a critical role in pushing leaders to negotiate nuclear agreements in the past. But will that remain true in the future?
14. Russia Matters: Dmitry Gorenburg, Book review How Much Did Orthodox Church Help Revive Russia’s Military and Nuclear Complex? (re “Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy: Religion, Politics and Strategy” By Dmitry Adamsky)
15. Russian International Affairs Council: Zachary Paikin, Orders Within Orders: A New Paradigm for Greater Eurasia.
16. RFE/RL: Putin, Dozens Of Other Leaders Gather In China For ‘Belt And Road’ Summit.
17. Interview to Chinese newspaper People’s Daily.
18. Putin Visits Historic Geographical Society HQ! Implores Russians to Realize Potential of Country! –
19. Russia Insider: Matthew Ehret, Russian-China Arctic Trade Route Will Upend Geopolitics. –
20. Ukraine parliament greenlights Ukrainian language bill. (excerpt)
21. TASS: Ukrainian parliament may try to restrict president’s powers – opinion.
22. Kenneth Rapoza, Ukraine’s Funny President May Have To Wait Until October To Lead.
23. The National Interest: Nicolai Petrov, Petro Poroshenko’s Nationalism Cost Him the Presidency. This is one of the lessons that Western policymakers can learn from Poroshenko’s crushing defeat.
24. Indian Punchline: M. K. BHADRAKUMAR, Governing Ukraine is no laughing matter.
25. TASS: Zelensky should not meet with Putin ‘face to face’, warns adviser.
26. Is this man the puppet master of Ukraine’s new president or an overhyped bogeyman? (re Igor Kolomoisky)
27. Carnegie Europe: Gwendolyn Sasse, What Does Zelensky’s Victory Say About Ukraine? The term “protest vote” does not really capture the full picture about the election result. It was a conscious vote against the incumbent and expressed hope for a new start in Ukrainian politics beyond identity cleavages.
28. Financial Times: Poroshenko leaves mixed legacy as he hands over power in Ukraine. Defeated president made progress with reforms but failed to tackle corruption.
29. Russia eases path to citizenship for Ukraine’s Donbas.
30. TASS: Media: Putin’s decree on Russian passports for Donbass citizens is a signal to Zelensky.
31. ‘Not as good as Poles or Romanians?’ Putin defends offer of Russian passports to E. Ukrainians.
32. TASS: Putin says he had no intention of provoking Kiev by Donbass decree on passports.
33. Awful Avalanche: Finally! DPR/LPR Residents Can Apply For Russian Passports – Part I.
34. Meduza: Russia’s latest Donbas gambit.
35. TASS: The procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship. –]
36. The Real News Network: U.S. Hoped Putin Would be a ‘Sober Yeltsin’ – RAI with Stephen Cohen (3/5).
37. Wall Street Journal: Crispin Sartwell, Russian Memes Didn’t Steal the Election. Being influenced by foreign propaganda doesn’t cost a citizen his right to vote.
38. Rolling Stone: Matt Taibbi, The Press Will Learn Nothing From the Russiagate Fiasco. The inability to face the enormity of the last few years of errors will cost the news media its credibility, even with blue-state audiences.
39. The Blog Mire: Rob Slane, From the Folks Who Lie, Cheat and Steal for a Living – Project Fake Duck. (re Skripals) –

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