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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#206 :: Wednesday, 18 November 2020
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1. Irrussianality; Paul Robinson, FALSE NEWS.
2. Meduza: Russia’s lowdown, dirty, predatory elites.
3. Russian lawmakers mull new political protest rules: Foreign funding to be banned & activists blocked from posing as journalists –
4. Vedomosti: Daily laments lack of social mobility in Russia.
6. Sputnik: US State Department to Release ‘Kennan-Style’ Blueprint for Containing China –
7. Washington Times: Edward Lozansky, What to expect in U.S.-Russia relations after Jan. 20, 2021. Trump-Biden challenges with Putin’s Russia.
8. How Russia’s Opposition Movement Wants Biden to Confront Putin.
9. Scott Ritter, US’ successful ICBM intercept test brings us closer to a nuclear war and proves Moscow’s concerns were well grounded –
10. Washington Post: Tom Collina and William Perry, How the Biden administration could create a win-win situation for nuclear policy
11. Royal United Services Institute (RUSI): Neil Melvin, What Europe Needs on Russia from a Biden Administration. The incoming US administration will have to articulate a new policy towards Russia. This will benefit the entire transatlantic community.
12. ‘We have agreed to maintain status quo’: Putin says balance of power in disputed Karabakh must be upheld
13. Meduza: After the truce . A quick guide to the latest developments in the aftermath of the six-week war in Nagorno-Karabakh.
14. Meduza: A tactical triumph in Karabakh with a few strategic stipulations. (Andrey Kortunov) –
15. TASS: West stirring the pot to disrupt Nagorno-Karabakh agreements — Russian foreign intel chief.
16. Financial Times: Russia faces peacekeeping challenge in Nagorno-Karabakh. Playing an unfamiliar role is likely to strain Moscow’s status as regional hegemon
17. Asia Times: Neil Hauer, Karabakh deal entrenches Russia’s power in Caucasus. Largely absent during the conflict, the US suddenly finds itself on the outside looking in.
18. Intellinews: Ben Aris, Kremlin publicly condemns Belarusian police brutality in hint of growing frustration with Lukashenko.
19. Atlantic Council: What can Ukraine expect from a Biden presidency?
20. Jonathan Power, Outmanoeuvring Russia, Not Spreading Democracy Is US Priority.

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

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