NEWSWATCH: “Russia’s reported doping is a subversion of the Olympic ideal” – Washington Post

… The latest evidence is a detailed report in the New York Times that Russian officials clandestinely carried out a doping program at the Sochi Games by giving athletes performance-enhancing drugs and then tampering with their urine samples to cover it up. The … account comes from the director of the Russian anti-doping agency at the time, who played a central role and has since fled Russia. The doping involved at least 15 Russian medal winners, some of the country’s biggest stars; Russia won the most medals in the Games. None of the athletes was caught using the drugs at the time. … Rodchenkov[] recalled how a man from the Russian security services helped pry open the supposedly tamper-proof bottles that are standard at international competitions and replace drug-tainted urine from the athletes with clean urine collected earlier. For hours each night during the Games, Russians worked in a shadow laboratory lit by a single lamp, passing bottles of urine through a small hole in a wall, putting the clean ones in place to be tested the next day.

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