JRL NEWSWATCH: “Ukraine Map Shows Avdiivka Almost Fully Encircled by Russia’s 40K Troops” – Newsweek

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

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“Russian forces are encircling Avdiivka, a new war map [from the U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War] shows, as Moscow is said to have accumulated around 40,000 troops for a fresh assault on the eastern Donetsk town. Russian forces launched a major offensive [there] in October[, yet] Avdiivka has been the target of [Russian] aggression since 2014, when … Putin illegally annexed [Crimea] …. Beginning on October 10, Russia has poured in thousands of troops, as well as tanks and armored vehicles, in an attempt to seize the town, which has been described as the gateway to the city of Donetsk. …”

A Ukrainian military spokesperson said Thursday that Russia is building up reserves for a fresh push there, bringing in about 40,000 soldiers and ammunition. He indicated that Russian troops have surrounded Avdiivka on three sides, were sending up a large number of reconnaissance drones and were playing cat and mouse.

Click here for: “Ukraine Map Shows Avdiivka Almost Fully Encircled by Russia’s 40K Troops” – Newsweek/ Isabel van Brugen

[the following is an embedded tweet from the Institute for the Study of War depicting the map featured in the Newsweek article]

[the following images are standardized offerings from google maps]