JRL NEWSWATCH: “Putin says Russia could adopt U.S. preemptive strike concept” – AP

Russian Mobile ICBM Parade File Photo

“… Putin said … Moscow could adopt what he described as a U.S. concept of using preemptive military strikes … in a blunt statement amid rising Russia-NATO tensions over Ukraine. … For years, the Kremlin has expressed concern about U.S. efforts to develop the so-called Conventional Prompt Global Strike capability that envisions hitting an adversary’s strategic targets with precision-guided conventional weapons anywhere in the world within one hour. … Russia’s nuclear doctrine states the country can use nuclear weapons if it comes under a nuclear strike or if it faces an attack with conventional weapons that threatens ‘the very existence’ of the Russian state. Since sending Russian troops into Ukraine in February, Putin has repeatedly said that Moscow was ready to use ‘all available means’ to protect its territory ….”

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