JRL NEWSWATCH: “Putin conquers Russia’s history textbooks” – Washington Post

Bookcase file photo, adapted from image at nlm.nih.gov

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“What will Russia look like after … Putin’s ruinous war against Ukraine? [] Putin has used the war to drive the Russian state and society deeper into dictatorship. This legacy will be long-lasting, and now [] Putin is rewriting high school history textbooks to convey his many lies and fabrications to a new generation. Schoolbooks have long been a battleground over ideology and historical memory. [] Putin, the former KGB officer who came to power in 2000, has repeatedly revised them to glorify Russia’s history as a single, unbroken thousand-year feat and to dress up the story of his own rule. He’s now overseeing a rewrite of the narrative of the war in Ukraine, too. The question is whether it will stick. …”

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