JRL NEWSWATCH: “Olympic sports have a Russia dilemma. ‘Neutrality’ is a cop-out.” – Washington Post

Olympic Rings Lit at Night, adapted from image at state.gov

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“… The World Aquatics Bureau announced … athletes from Russia and Belarus would be allowed to compete in international events … as ‘neutrals’ …. the cop-out … most athletic governing bodies have taken since Russia invaded Ukraine …. At least Wimbledon — in 2022 — actually banned Russian and Belarusian players …. [T]he men’s and women’s governing bodies of tennis [then] fined England’s Lawn Tennis Association and the All England Club more than $1 million and said players wouldn’t accumulate rankings points at the tournament. … The notion of banning athletes because of … Putin’s war makes some sense: It sends a public message to Putin, who loves Russian victories in international competition, and might apply some pressure on him at home. If … Russian and Belarusian athletes compete in Paris, I will understand. I also will understand those … appalled by their presence. But if they are allowed to compete … don’t play these silly ‘neutral athletes’ games. … You can’t change where they come from by making them wear white shirts. …”

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