JRL NEWSWATCH: “280 Days Inside Russia’s Torture Chambers” – Sky News

File Photo of Prison Cell and Bars with Shaft of Light, adapted from image at fbi.gov

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“… [L]iberation … revealed the horror of prolonged Russian occupation. In the Kherson region, over 254 days, the Russians constructed a network of at least 26 detention centres to control the civilian population. Police stations, schools and government buildings were used as torture sites or places where civilians’ human rights were severely violated. …. [B]y the most conservative estimate, at least 1,400 people were detained. MIHR estimates the number could be as high as 6,600. Sixty per cent of those who went into detention centres were tortured …. A further 40% were victims of sexual violence as part of that torture. More than 400 people are still missing. …”

Click here for: “280 Days Inside Russia’s Torture Chambers” – Sky News/ Tom Cheshire, Mary Poynter, Jack Taylor