RUSSIALINK: “Head of Moscow CPRF office Rashkin thanks Navalny for ‘smart voting'” – Interfax

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MOSCOW. Sept 11 (Interfax) – CPRF candidates used all opportunities in order to win in the Moscow City Duma elections, including opposition activist Alexei Navalny’s “smart voting” tactic, First Secretary of the CPRF Moscow city committee Valery Rashkin said.

“At this stage, we used everything as a party that has its own strategy, its own program for its candidates to win, and that’s right,” Rashkin said during a press conference at the Interfax head office on Wednesday when asked about his attitude to “smart voting.”

“Every movement, every candidate has a different contribution,” he said.

“We all tried to do our utmost to use the current situation in order to win, and therefore we thank everyone, including Navalny,” Rashkin said.

“The elections are the Olympic Games, and the CPRF was banking on becoming deputies, not just running in the elections,” he said.

“As for Navalny, the election campaign is made up of many successes. If you are supported by parties, movements, protest groups, supporters, civil activists, it’s all a plus, and it’s a chance to win,” Rashkin said.

Opposition activist Alexei Navalny’s team presented the “smart voting” project, which advised voters on how to make their choice in the Moscow City Duma elections, before the elections.