Crowdfunding Support for a Grassroots Organization [The American Home in Vladimir]

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Subject: Crowdfunding Support for a Grassroots Organization
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 02:15:13 -0500
From: Ron Pope <>


The American Home in Vladimir has encountered an unusual obstacle. After years of cooperative relations with our organization, the current Vladimir City Administration has decided to invoke what we thought was an outdated clause in the 1992 contract governing the Home’s construction. They are insisting that we transfer ownership of the Home to them. (They have declined to say what they want to do with the property.)

The matter is being adjudicated in the Russian arbitration court system.

American Home in Vladimir, shown in summer and winter; Adapted from Image © Serendipity-Russia American HomeOur main activity is our English and culture program where we have approximately 500 students each fall and spring.

In part because the court’s final verdict won’t be handed down until after the start of the fall term, and in part because we want to be able to bring all of our major activities under one roof, we are preparing to move into new quarters in a building that is under construction.

In reality, we don’t have any choice. We have to make the move.

We have been entirely self supporting for more than 20 years. But we cannot fit all of the moving related expenses into our limited budget.



A crowdfunding campaign.

The URL is

Comments about our program include the following:

“What you’ve done is truly incredible. The excitement and positive energy that we witnessed was something that I’d rarely seen before. You deserve hearty congratulations!” –-US Foreign Service Officer, after visiting the American Home

“This is a remarkable cultural center that provides the opportunity to not only learn a language, but also to learn a lot about American culture.” — American Home student

“You have a fantastic program here. This is cooperation at its finest, and the skills and respect that you are giving your students is invaluable” — Patrick Buzzard, NASA representative, US Embassy, Moscow

[“The American Home] is one of the unique and TRULY ALIVE
attractions in Vladimir….” — American Home student

“I am sure that thousands of children are grateful for the excellent start in life that you have given to them. My son went to each lesson as if it was a holiday…. A unique project that deserves the highest awards, recognition, and support. — A satisfied mother

If those JRL subscribers who believe in the value of sustaining grassroots organizations like ours make whatever contribution they can, and if they share the information about our Alternative Spring Break in Russia Images; © Serendipity-Russia American Homeneed, our fundraising effort will have a significantly improved chance of success.

Ron Pope, PhD
Founder & President
(The America Home)
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