RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2015-#23 table of contents with links :: Monday 9 February 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2015-#23 :: Monday 9 February 2015
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1. Interfax: Russians mostly worried about economic problems, inflation and price rises – poll.
2. Moscow Times: Crimea and Sochi Might Just Have Made Russians a ‘Happy’ People.
3. TASS: Talks of retirement age raise again spark public debate in Russia.
4. Business New Europe: Hopes rise that Minsk summit could rebuild Ukraine ceasefire.
5. New York Times: Desperation and Destruction in Contested Ukraine City.
6. The Nation: Lev Golinkin, The Humanitarian Crisis in Eastern Ukraine Demands Attention. Who is responsible for the 5.2 million civilians trapped in Donbass?
7. Paul Goble: Putin’s War in Ukraine has Already Claimed 50,000 Dead, German Intelligence Sources Say.
8. New York Times: John J. Mearsheimer, Don’t Arm Ukraine.
9. Russia Direct: Ivan Timofeev, The longer the Ukraine crisis lasts, the more war becomes inevitable. A diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis is looking increasingly unlikely, even after weekend negotiations in Munich and Moscow. Both sides in the conflict – and their great power patrons – have little or no reason to make concessions now.
10. The Independent (UK): Mary Dejevsky, The more the West sees the Ukraine crisis as another Cold War the worse it will get. The talk – especially coming out of the US – is increasingly disturbing.
11. Huge explosion at Donetsk chemical plant, Kiev blames ‘dropped cigarette butt’
12. Euromaidan Press: Putin threatens to use nuclear warheads against Ukraine, EU.
13. Moscow Times: Saakashvili Says Ukraine Could ‘Conquer Russia,’ Provoking Official Outcry.
14. Washington Post editorial: Ukraine needs strong Western support to fend off Russia’s aggression.
15. Washington Post: Anne Applebaum, The long view with Russia.
16. Reuters: U.S. arms might fan Ukraine war: OSCE chief.
17. Russia Insider: Dmitry Babich, Young Ukrainians Flee to “Aggressor” Russia to Avoid Draft. If Russia is the “aggressor state” in East Ukraine, why are more and more young Ukrainians (who are no longer allowed to travel without special permits from the military) seeking refuge there?
18. Moscow Times: Ukraine Security Service Detains Journalist on Charges of Treason.
19. Bloomberg: Josh Rogin, Europeans Laugh as Lavrov Talks Ukraine.
20. Munich conference: Russia ‘hate fest’ or split between Western allies?
21. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Lavrov’s Munich speech: What does it mean for the Ukraine crisis? The Russian foreign minister’s speech at the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 7 has been described by Russian experts as “tough” and “predictable.” According to them, Russia has drawn a line as regards the Ukrainian crisis and is now waiting for decisive action from Europe. RBTH asked Russian observers for their reactions to Lavrov’s speech.
22. Russian Foreign Ministry: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov delivers a speech and answers questions during debates at the 51st Munich Security Conference, Munich, February 7, 2015.
23. Interfax: Lavrov: Excitement inspired by NATO’s all-out support will hopefully not harm Kiev.
24. TASS: Punitive operation in Ukraine should be stopped – Putin.
25. Interview to Al-Ahram daily.
26. Kyiv Post: Poroshenko: We must defend our land. Below is the English-language translation of President Petro Poroshenko’s speech at the Munich Security conference on Feb. 7.
27. Sputnik: Kiev Unable to Provide Copies of Alleged Russian Soldiers’ Passports.
28. Bryan MacDonald, ‘Political comedy’: Poroshenko’s ‘Russian army evidence’ raises eyebrows.
29. Business New Europe: Nato ramps up presence in Eastern Europe.
30. TASS: NATO military build-up at Russian borders aimed at future bargaining -source.
31. Reuters: Obama’s Ukraine policy at crossroads as fighting rages on.
32. FAREED ZAKARIA GPS, New Cold War with Russia? Understanding Putin. (with Bill Browder, Stephen Cohen, Chrystia Freeland, and Stephen Sestanovich)
33. ‘New Iron Curtain emerging along the border of Ukraine and Russia.’ (interview with Richard Sakwa)
34. Kyiv Post: Joseph LeGasse, No reason to give corrupt Ukraine more arms, it will only lead to thousands of more deaths
35. Why are the U.S. and EU Split on Providing Lethal Aid to Ukraine? Tarik Cyril Amar of Columbia University says explicitly ruling out NATO membership for Ukraine would be in Ukraine’s best interest.
36. Justin Raimondo, Kiev’s Bloody War Is Backfiring.
37. Stephen Walt, Why Arming Kiev Is a Really, Really Bad Idea. Washington pundits are jumping on a proposal to send weapons to Ukraine. Here’s why they all need to take a deep breath.
38. Robert Parry, Nuclear War and Clashing Ukraine Narratives.
39. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, One Year Later, Crimeans Prefer Russia.
40. Moscow Times: Anti-American Sentiment Reaches 25-Year High in Russia.
41. Moscow Times: How the U.S. Struggles to Crack the Putin Code.
43. Moscow Times: David Kelm, Russia Needs West to Invest.
44. Navalny’s anti-corruption initiative gains enough support for government consideration.
45. Carnegie Moscow Center: Alexei Arbatov, When It Comes to Nuclear Weapons, Words Are Deeds.
46. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russian literature has a holy attitude to the word. Former Culture Minister Mikhail Shvydkoi shares his thoughts on the relationship between art and reality and what it is that makes Russian literature so special.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion