RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#137, 138, 139 contents with links :: Friday-Sunday 20-22 June 2014

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Sunday – JRL 2014-#139 :: 22 June 2014

1. Mark Franchetti of the London Times interviewed on Ukrainian television:

Saturday – JRL 2014-#138 :: 21 June 2014

1. Pietro Shakarian, 10 Points on the People of Southeastern Ukraine
2. Antony Penaud, National Identities in Ukraine and in Euromaidan

Friday – JRL 2014-#137 :: 20 June 2014

1. Garry Kasparov: Vladimir Putin opened door for Iraq.
2. The Guardian (UK): Nadya Tolokonnikova, Putin is afraid of any real opposition – just like he was afraid of Pussy Riot. He just conquered Crimea. He has proclaimed himself a unifier. But Vladimir Putin’s meddling in elections is another sign that his power is not as unconditional as he would have you believe.
3. Moscow Times/Reuters: Kiev Spokesman Warns of ‘4,000 Coffins’ If Separatists Don’t Surrender.
4. EuromaidanPR: Bezler and emptiness. What awaits Donbas after the war.
5. Kyiv Post: Changes to terrorism law give Ukraine forces fighting chance to defeat eastern insurgency.
6. Inforesist: Kyiv is ready to allow Russian saboteurs to lay down their arms and leave the territory of Ukraine.
7. Reuters: Ukraine says border with Russia under control, but fighting rages.
8. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Press Digest: Is Poroshenko’s peace plan a surrender proposal in disguise?
9. Wall Street Journal: Russia Says It Moved Troops to Border With Ukraine to Strengthen Security.
10. Russia deployed more troops to Ukraine border to ensure security – Kremlin.
11. RIA Novosti: Further Gas Cooperation to Benefit Both Moscow, Kiev – Russian Energy Minister.
12. RIA Novosti: Legal Disputes Between Russia, Ukraine Better Than Force – Medvedev.
14. Stephen D. Shenfield: Maidan: Democratic Movement or Nationalist Mobilization?
15. Valdai Discussion Club: Viktor Litovkin, Ukraine Should Not Count on the West to Pay to Reform its Army.
16. Pietro Shakarian, Putin and Poroshenko: A Tale of Two Presidents.
17. The Voice of Russia: Dmitry Babich, Ukraine is ruled by Yushchenko’s team, with same result as in 2005-2010.
18. Gordon Hahn, Kiev’s Foibles and the West’s Responsibilities.
19. The Vineyard of the Saker: Ukraine SITREP June 20th, 13:30 UTC/Zulu: Slaviansk encircled.
20. RFE/RL: New Ukraine Foreign Minister Seen Bringing Sober Style To Kyiv Diplomacy.
21. Reuters: INTERVIEW-Ukraine must strike at heart of corruption to survive-adviser. (Kakha Bendukidze)
22. Business New Europe: Corporate bondholders fret as oligarchs suffer under Ukraine crisis.
23. Interfax: Over 400,000 Ukrainian citizens arrived in Russia since March – Federal Migration Service.
24. ITAR-TASS: Experts criticizing Kiev government’s intention to demarcate border with Russia unilaterally.
25. ITAR-TASS: Ukrainian government conducting war against Russian journalists, say experts.
26. Vera Graziadei, Ukrainian Genocide and its Cheerleaders.
27. The Economist editorial: Russia and Ukraine. Unblinking Putin. The West should impose fresh sanctions to deter more Russian meddling in eastern Ukraine.
28. The Economist: Russia and Ukraine. Ratchet up, ratchet down. Violence in eastern Ukraine may abate for a while, but Russian meddling could crank it up again.
29. The Economist: Eastern Ukraine. Life among the rebels. A certain normality continues in insurgent territory-for the time being.
30. Dominique Arel: Danyliw Seminar on Ukraine 2014–Call for Papers: Ukraine 2014: Maidan, Insurrection(s), Geopolitics.
31. Russia Beyond the Headlines/Ogonyok: Why Russia’s middle class is like no other – according to some. There is a vast gap between the incomes of rich and poor in Russia, and until recently, few were considered to have an “average” income. So a report recently published by sociologists from the Russian Academy of Scientists, which assigns a new definition to the middle class and includes civil servants in its ranks, has met wide resistance within academic circles.
32. Russians’ interest, faith in political opposition declining – poll.
33. Police name nationalism, radical Islam as main threats in new strategy.
34. ITAR-TASS: Russia’s interior ministry finds protests as main instrument of society radicalization.
35. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dmitri Trenin, Color Revolutions in Asia? Beijing and Moscow Are on the Same Side.
36. Moscow Times: 50% of Russians Think TV Is Most Reliable Source of Information, Poll Shows.
37. Moscow Times: Russians More Confident in Stability in North Caucasus, Poll Shows.
38. Interfax: Most Russians don’t hate WWII foes of Soviet Union – poll.
39. ITAR-TASS: Putin currently has no political challengers – poll.
40. Interfax: Putin will have phone conversations with Obama on Ukraine, Syria, Iraq in next few days – Ushakov.
41. RIA Novosti: Russia to Contest West’s Unilateral Economic Sanctions in WTO.
42. Interfax: Rasmussen’s claim Moscow funds “anti-fracking” environmentalists absurd – Greenpeace.
43. Financial Times: Oil chiefs urge co-operation with Russia.
44. Reuters: Putin blesses proposed law on tax evasion prosecution.
45. Business New Europe: Russia has largest share of female top managers.
46. Moscow Times: Only 8 Russians Among Most Cited Researchers Worldwide.
47. ITAR-TASS: Post-Soviet states’ EU-bound drift prompts Russia to re-industrialize itself.
48. Moscow Times: Leonid Bershidsky, No Illusions Left, I’m Leaving Russia.
49. Mikhail Kreindlin, Russia’s gamekeeper has turned poacher. Russia has a vast number of nature reserves and national parks. But the government body supposed to be protecting them is in fact destroying many of them by allowing development and mining.
50. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russian team sports at an ideological crossroads. The recent clash between hockey greats Vladislav Tretiak and Viacheslav Fetisov for the presidency of the Russian Hockey Federation epitomized the ideological dilemma that has long plagued the nation’s team sports – which comes first, club or country?
51. Russia Direct: Afghanistan looms as a security concern for Russia starting in 2015. Russian experts gathered at the Moscow Carnegie Center to discuss the Russian strategy in the Afghan region after the withdrawal of the coalition forces.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion