RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-55 :: Monday, 26 March 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#55
Monday, 26 March 2018
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1. New York Times: Trump Orders Expulsion of 60 Russians Over Poison Attack in Britain.
2. Reuters: Factbox: Diplomatic Moves Against Russia After Nerve Gas Attack.
3. ‘Against common sense and intl law’: Russia to retaliate over diplomats’ expulsion by UK allies.
4. Most Russians don’t believe their country is complicit in Skripal poisoning, poll shows.
5. Sputnik: Most Russians See Current Decline of Country’s Relations With UK as Temporary.
6. Ben Aris, The cost of reform and Putin’s spending promises – part 1. [Text with links]
7. Moscow Times: Michele Berdy, What Kind of Leader is Vladimir Putin?
8. Moscow Times: Samuel Greene and Graeme Robertson, Putin and the Passions. Tens of millions of Russians went to the polls on Sunday and cast their ballots for Putin, willingly and even enthusiastically.
9. Global Times: Oleg Ivanov, Western approach handed Putin his victory.
10. Club Orlov: Dmitry Orlov, A Dry Run for Russian Democracy.
11. Vedomosti: Expert says no assured public support for authorities during Putin’s next term. (Levada Centre pollster Denis Volkov)
12. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Pundits view candidates for prime minister for Putin’s new term.
13. The Hill: Ariel Cohen, Election shows Russians embrace Putin, reject the West.
14. Voice of America: Pride, Loneliness in the Deep North: The Russians Who Refuse to Leave Dying Arctic City.
15. Interfax: Russian Constitutional Court restricts use of house arrest.
16. SWIFT shutdown: Russia ready with own alternative to international bank transfer system.
17. Sergei Karaganov, The West’s Unilateral Cold War. The problem between Russia and the West is really a problem among Westerners themselves. If there is a new cold war, it is only because established elites have not come to terms with reality: the balance of military, political, economic, and moral power has shifted too far away from the West to be reversed.
18. The Hill: William Courtney, Putin can learn from Gorbachev on how to gain from future US talks.
19. Alex Gorka, Russia-US Security Dialogue Looming: Time to Address a Broader Security Agenda.
20. Reuters: Russia denies aiding Afghan Taliban in wake of U.S. general’s comments.
21. AP: Planned Russian Statue Starts Mini-Cold War in American City.
22. Nearly 80% of Ukrainians don’t support the state and over half want early elections, poll shows.
23. Neil Clark, Savchenko arrested as Ukraine’s ‘revolution’ eats itself.
24. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, TWO BOOKS ON UKRAINE.
25. William Jay Rich, Turning a protest into (someone else’s) metaphysics. A new account of Ukraine’s Euromaidan focuses on the spirit of revolution rather than dissecting events as they emerged. (excerpt)
26. Mindful Resistance: Robert Wright, OVERDOING THE RUSSIA THING. [Text with links]
27. Alexander Mercouris, Russia ridicules EU Council statement on Skripal case; calls it absurd. Kremlin spokesman ridicules ‘ambiguous language’ in statement which appears to accuse Russia but actually fails to do so. [Text with links]
28. Awful Avalanche: Zakharova Promises London “A Big Surprise” On March 29. [Text with links]
29. Washington Times: Edward Lozansky, How to prevent British drama from turning into tragedy. Diplomacy has a role in Skripal, Christopher Steele, chemical weapons narrative
30. Trent Lapinski, Facebook, Not Russia, Helped Trump Win the 2016 Election (Cambridge Analytica)
31. Wall Street Journal: Holman Jenkins, Why Trump Never Speaks Ill of Putin. And why Obama CIA chief John Brennan may have a few things to hide himself.
32. No rules count for those willing to bring Russia down – Kremlin spokesperson. (transcript of interview with Dmitry Peskov)

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