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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#17
Saturday, 21 January 2017

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1. Facebook: Russian PM Medvedev criticises “short-sighted” Obama administration.
2. Russia Direct: Pavel Koshkin, Russia braces itself for a Trump presidency. The long-awaited inauguration of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president has been a source of constant debate within Russia’s expert community, which continues to point to his unpredictability.
3. ‘Months, not weeks’ before a Trump/Putin meeting can be organized – Kremlin.
4. AP: Kremlin Hopes for Rapport With US, but Differences Will Stay.
5. BBC Monitoring: Putin, Trump teams hold first meetings – US pundit. (Dimitri Simes)
6. RIA Novosti: Trump not pro-Russian – Moscow spokeswoman.
7. BBC Monitoring: Russian press previews Donald Trump’s inauguration and view Obama’s legacy.
8. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russian experts ponder Trump’s ‘Superheroes squad’ taking power As the inauguration of America’s 45th president takes place today, Russian experts attempt to understand the phenomenon of Donald Trump and predict his influence on U.S. domestic politics and on Russian-U.S. relations.
9. Rethinking Russia: What should we expect of 2017? Russian experts’ opinions.
10. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Former Russian minister views future relations with USA. (Igor Ivanov)
12. Russia Matters: Keys, Hurdles, Strategies: US-Russia Relations Under Trump.
13. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Deconstructing Obama’s failure with Russia: What went wrong? Barack Obama began his presidency calling for an improvement in Russian-U.S. relations, but deep-rooted suspicions and vastly different national interests prevented a closer rapport. As the Obama era ends, relations between the countries are at their lowest point since the mid 1980s. RBTH explores what went wrong.
14. The National Interest: Ted Galen Carpenter, The Simple Reason Russia and America Keep Inching towards Crisis.
15. Russia Direct: Artem Kureev, Nonproliferation or nuclear buildup: What path will Trump follow? When Putin and Trump meet for the first time, one major topic of discussion could be the fate of each nation’s nuclear missile systems.
16. Interfax: PM Medvedev sees drastic improvement of infrastructure as key economic growth condition.
17. CNN Money: Russian officials: We’re not counting on Trump to lift sanctions. Russia says plans for 2017 based on sanctions.
18. The Economist: Listen, liberal. Alexei Kudrin wants to liberalise Russia’s economy to save it. But with Donald Trump’s election, many Russians think Putin’s model is winning.
19. TASS: First Deputy PM: Western investors in Davos believe 2017 will be good year for Russia. (Igor Shuvalov)
20. Susan Richards, Putin Country. As authoritarian control and renewed superpower tension dominate headlines, telling stories of Russia’s everyday heroes can reveal lost alternatives.
21. Wall Street Journal: McDonald’s Turns Up Heat in Siberia. Fast-food chain takes on KFC, Burger King as it seeks to expand in far-flung regions of Russia.
22. ALexander Mercouris, Russia can fully maintain its defence spending; here’s why. Contrary to certain claims Russia’s finances are fully adequate for it to sustain the level of defence spending it needs to maintain itself as one of the world’s leading military powers.
23. Paul Goble: Russia and the US Can Never Be Long-Term Partners, Russian Historian Says.
24. Brookings: Steven Pifer, Congress, Russia, and sanctions.
25. Ray McGovern, Obama Admits Gap in Russian ‘Hack’ Case. The hole in the U.S. intelligence community’s “high confidence” about Russia “hacking” Democratic emails has always been who gave the material to WikiLeaks, as President Obama admitted.
26. CNN: Rick Santorum doesn’t believe Russia was behind DNC hack.
27. Awful Avalanche: Trump Kompromat Dossier – Part IV.
28. Moscow Times: Michele Berdy, Kompromat By Any Other Name.
29. Wall Street Journal: For Former Soviet Republics, Moscow Has a New Playbook. A fresh bargain with Moldova points to more carrots, fewer sticks as Moscow attempts to win allies.
30. Fort Russ: Savchenko: recognize Russian Crimea.
31. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Ukraine runs out of money to build wall on Russian border. $160 million was allocated for this Cold War-style project.

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia