JRL E-Mail Newsletter Table of Contents :: Johnson’s Russia List 2013-#63 – 5 April 2013

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2013-#63 :: 5 April 2013
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1. RIA Novosti: Russia Will Not Stray From Democracy’s Path – Putin.
2. Kremlin.ru: Interview to the German ARD.
3. Business New Europe: Russia middleclass grows, alongside bureaucrats.
4. Moscow Times: Moscow Traffic Ranked World’s Worst.
5. RFE/RL: Erasing Russia’s Potholes.
6. Interfax: Russia hopeful of building asteroid defense system by 2020.
7. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russians disapprove of bureaucrats’ wealth.
8. Interfax: Need for public agreement has ripened in Russia, expert report finds.
9. Interfax: Kudrin meets with Putin, shares views on pressing issues.
10. ITAR-TASS: Two films about USSR former President Mikhail Gorbachev to be made in the United States.
11. Moscow Times/BBC Monitoring: What the Papers Say, Apr. 5, 2013.
12. ITAR-TASS: RUSSIAN PRESS REVIEW. Dmitry Medvedev brings RF government and United Russia to one table.
13. Moscow Times: Offshore Investigation Threatens to Embarrass Kremlin.
14. Moskovskiye Novosti: Russian Experts Analyze Parties’ Chances in September Regional Elections.
15. Moscow Times: NGOs Facing Stiff Fines Amid ‘Crackdown’
16. Interfax: NGOs will not register as foreign agents – Moscow Helsinki Group chairman.
17. Moscow News: Blogger Navalny floats presidential ambitions ahead of trial.
18. ITAR-TASS: RUSSIAN PRESS REVIEW. Oppositionist Navalny wants to become president.
19. www.aljazeera.com: Masha Egupova, Navalny case: The offline effect of online activism in Russia. Blogger Navalny uses open access to information around the world to find illegal properties of Russian politicians.
20. International Herald Tribune: Christopher Walker and Robert Orttung, News by and for the Authorities.
21. Jamestown Foundation Eurasia Daily Monitor: Pavel Felgenhauer, Putin’s Russia at a Crossroads Politically and Economically.
22. Moscow Times: Alexei Zakharov, A Dictator’s Guide on Ruling for Life.
23. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Sergei Markedonov, Ethnic nationalism threatens Russia’s unity. The country’s authorities should undertake drastic reform of the nationalities policy.
24. Forbes.com: Kenneth Rapoza, Russia To Crack Down On Illegal Immigrants.


25. Interfax: Local-level corruption leads to high level of people employed in ‘grey economy’ – Kudrin.
26. Interfax: Russian state property agency to publish 2014-2016 privatization plan in May.
27. Interfax: Russian officials should have to invest in Russian securities – central banker.
28. New York Times: Vladislav L. Inozemtsev, Cyprus: A Blessing for Russia, in Disguise?
29. Russia!: Sean Guillory, Cyprus Implodes, Putin Wins.
30. The Economist: Oil in Russia. Picnic time for teddy bears. Rosneft bites minority shareholders.


31. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Is Russia’s increased military spending a threat? A recently released report by International Institute for Strategic Studies has noted that Russia’s defense spending increased in 2012. Analyst Viktor Litovkin argues that Russia’s defense spending is nowhere close to the numbers put up by Western nations.
32. Moscow Times: U.S. Embassy Slams Door on Student Workers.
33. Moscow Times: Q&A: Pozner Is the Venerable Visage of Russia in the West.
34. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Pavel Koshkin, Soft Power: What can Russia learn from the U.S. experience? While Russia struggles to improve its image abroad, the U.S. model of “soft power” sets a good example to follow.
35. International Herald Tribune: Ariel Cohen, The Kremlin’s World.
36. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russian analysts differ on the future of Syria. Russian experts disagree on whether or not a political solution in Syria is still possible.
37. ITAR-TASS: Russia plans to deploy no military bases in Afghanistan ­- deputy defence minister.
38. Interfax: Chechen separatist emissary: Saakashvili men trained Chechen militants to be sent to Russia.
39. The Economist: Ukraine’s future. Linguistically challenged. How Ukraine falls between political, economic and linguistic camps.