Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#127 :: Monday 29 June 2015

Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#127
Monday 29 June 2015

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1. The Tribune (Pittsburgh): ‘Strength’ is all the Russians understand. (Adm. James Stavridis)
2. Wilton Park (UK): Podcast. Russia – their changing relationship with the world. President Obama’s special adviser on Russia discusses the rise of the new and troubled relationship in Europe’s east. (Celeste Wallander)
3. Russia Insider: Video: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Grills Liberal Uber Hawk Samantha Power on Ukraine.
4. James Pearce, The Soviet Ghost Still Haunts the West.
5. Moskovskiy Komsomolets: Mikhail Nosov, Cold War Underway – Russia Today is Result of Unlearnt Lessons of Yalta and Potsdam.
6. Most Russians believe USA wants to turn Russia into second-rate country – poll.
7. Interfax: Most Russians sure Russian policy should not change under impact of sanctions – poll.
8. Business New Europe: Russia hails sanctions as an economic wonder tonic.
9. Interfax: Russia should get less aggressive towards sex minorities – senator.
10. Interfax: Russians are now more loyal to sex before marriage than they were 25 years ago – poll.
11. Business New Europe: CONFERENCE CALL: Russia seen muddling through, with no reform on horizon.
12. The Nation: James Carden, NATO Ups the Ante in the Ukraine Crisis. Placing troops and weaponry on Russia’s border will only heighten tensions in the region.
13. Interfax: NATO will never invade Russia – McFaul.
14. Interfax: Russia to react “immediately” if NATO increases strength in Europe – source.
15. Russia Direct: Artem Kureev, Does Europe need a new arms race? With the Pentagon planning to send heavy weapons and artillery to the Baltic states and Eastern Europe, will the stance help counter Russia’s policy in Ukraine?
16. The Unz Review: Israel Shamir, Russia: Tit for Tat.
17. Reuters: Ukraine debt envoy ratchets up payment suspension warning.
18. Kyiv Post: After a year of war against Ukraine, Russia is still the country’s leading trade partner.
19. Sputnik: ‘In Ukraine Oligarchs Fall Like Leaves’ to Make Room for Poroshenko’s Clan.
20. Interfax: Russian policy of supporting Syrian authorities remains unchanged – Putin.
21. ‘Initiative is in ISIS hands’, coalition airstrikes not enough to win – Kremlin.
22. Robert Skidelsky, The Sino-Russian Marriage.
23. Asia Times: M. K. Bhadrakumar, Japan tests West’s boycott of Russia.
24. Russia & India Report: Primakov: The man who created multipolarity. Yevgeni Primakov drafted the concept of a Russia, India, China strategic triangle as a counterbalance to the western alliance.
25. New York Times: Yevgeny Primakov, Former Premier of Russia, Dies at 85.
26. Paul Goble: Primakov was Putinism’s ‘Godfather,’ Russian Analysts Say.
27. Norman Pollack, War Fever, 103.6 and Rising. The Baltic Assault Paradigm.
28. Armenia protesters leaving barricades amid authorities’ call for ‘constitutional order’
29. Asia Times: M. K. Bhadrakumar, Russia braces for ‘Euromaidan’ in Armenia.
30. Russian authorities should not see “US hand” in Armenian protests – website.
31. Pietro A. Shakarian, How Moscow views Nagorny Karabakh.
32. New York Times: Columbia University Press to Publish New Translations of Russian Literature.
33. New York Times: Group Approves Fellowship Named for Controversial Scholar of Russia.


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