Yermolai Solzhenitsyn: “Re: Some information on”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn file photo

Subject: Some information on
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019
From: Yermolai Solzhenitsyn <>

Dear David,

We saw recently a piece on JRL

Russia Insider,, March 18, 2019
Great Russian Documentary on Life of Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Video)
[], where the authors were wondering whether there were English language copies of all the three films in question.

We would like to draw attention of your readers to the fact that

1) All three of these films are available on the website:

2) In general, for those curious re latest news on the Solzhenitsyn front can find them here:

3) A summary of Solzhenitsyn Centennial events from 2018 for those curious is here:

Best Regards,
Solzhenitsyn Family


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