Yavlinsky on Nemtsov’s murder trial: we never learned mastermind’s name

Boris Nemtsov file photo

MOSCOW. July 13 (Interfax) – The trial of the killers of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has left too many questions to say that their punishment is proportionate, Chairman of the Yabloko party’s Federal Political Committee Grigory Yavlinsky said.

“There is no trust in either the trial over Boris Nemtsov’s murder or the judgment. Too many doubts and questions remain. The trial has not been transparent enough, and the inquiry has been the least convincing,” Yavlinsky said.

The principal question of the motivation behind this murder was overlooked throughout the trial, Yavlinsky said. “We never learned who ordered this crime and whose interests it was in. The official theories are worthless and cannot be used as a basis for making decisions,” he said.

The court did not answer many questions about the circumstances of the murder, and some members of the criminal group remain unknown, Yavlinsky said.

“Given so many unanswered questions, people cannot agree that justice has been done and the case may be closed. Today’s decision is not convincing, this is a sheer wish to formally end the case. It would be pointless to discuss the adequacy of punishment since the inquiry and the proceeding have been inadequate,” he said.

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