VIDEO: JRL NEWSWATCH: “How is that Kremlin bank account looking?” – Fox

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“Imported items including i-phones are still available.”

“… ‘We’ve had some figures for the first half of 2022 released …’ Peter Mironenko of ‘The Bell’ tells Fox …. ‘… On the one hand … in the second quarter[] GDP fell around 4% and in the third quarter we will have about 7%. This is recession. But the scale is much more modest than it was said to be three or four months ago.’ …”

“… [E]nergy … is … tricky …, according to Mironenko who explains … oil is more important than gas …, so in some ways a commodity to be played with. … Meanwhile, when it comes to public opinion …. Mironenko says there’s a lot of anger building among those who feel shut out from the West and also much debate about how and where one should … live one’s life. So … soul-searching and angst are dragging many Russians down.”

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