State Duma committee approves text of Russia’s naturalization oath

Russian State Duma Building file photo

MOSCOW. July 4 (Interfax) – The State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building has approved the text of the naturalization oath of allegiance to Russia.

This is an amendment to the draft law, which deprives convicted terrorists of Russian citizenship.

It will be considered by the State Duma on Wednesday, on July 12.

The oath is as follows, “I, first, middle and last name, take citizenship of the Russian Federation with my free and informed consent and swear to comply with the constitution and laws of the Russian Federation and the rights and freedoms of its citizens, to fulfill the duties of a citizen of the Russian Federation for the benefit of the state and the people, to protect the freedom and independence of the Russian Federation, to be loyal to Russia, and to show respect for its culture, history and traditions.”

The oath of allegiance will be taken only by foreigners in the course of their naturalization by Russia.