Saudi Arabia ‘a root’ of Syrian crisis – Russian expert

Saudia Arabia Map and Flag

(Interfax – MOSCOW, September 24, 2013) Russian Public Chamber member Sergei Markov said the world community must forge a mechanism for dealing with situations similar to the one in Syria.

“One should make use of the energy of this crisis and work out a model of dealing with such conflicts,” Markov told the Open Rostrum roundtable in the State Duma.

He said the policy of Syria’s chemical disarmaments must be continued.

The settlement of the conflict must end up with general elections with the participation of all political forces, Markov said.

The conflict around Syria vividly demonstrated that Saudi Arabia is actively influencing the situation in the region. Unfortunately, “leading democracies act as backup dancers for such an anti-democratic country,” he said.

Saudi Arabia “is one of the roots of the crisis. Something must be done about that country,” he said.