Russia’s Rogozin Asks ‘Who’s the Enemy?’

Dmitry Rogozin file photo

MOSCOW, March 20 (RIA Novosti) – Russia needs to determine exactly who its enemies are and develop its Armed Forces accordingly, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Wednesday.

“We really need to understand what our strategic threats are, clearly define who our adversary is, what kind of adversary, and configure our Armed Forces and military-technical systems to counter those threats,” he told a military-industrial conference in Moscow. Rogozin oversees the country’s military-industrial complex.

Rogozin, Russia’s former envoy to NATO, also said it was essential to develop standard scenarios for the use of the Armed Forces based on a common vision of future armed conflicts.

New weapon systems should be designed to accommodate those scenarios and meet specific hypothetical threats, he said.

Addressing the conference earlier in the day, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged the further consolidation of the defense industry, calling it key to the country’s economic development.

As of today there are 61 integrated structures in the defense industry, comprising 771 large enterprises, which account for over 74 percent of defense industry output. By 2020, a new-look defense industry is to be formed with about 40 large science and production associations.

Russia’s ambitious 2011-2020 arms procurement program stipulates the upgrade of up to 11 percent of military equipment annually and will allow the country to increase the share of modern weaponry in the Armed Forces to 70 percent by 2020. Russia allocated about 908 billion rubles (about $30 bln) to state defense order spending in 2012.