Russians rate tobacco, alcohol low amongst disease causes – poll

Shelf of Alcoholic Beverages with Red and White Tape Across It

(Interfax – MOSCOW, August 6, 2013) Russians tend to blame their diseases on themselves, while low living standards and bad environmental conditions are deemed less significant, sociologists said.

Daily stress and fears top the list of causes of diseases, Russian Public Opinion Study Center (VTsIOM) told Interfax.

Other essential factors are bad environmental conditions (26%), age (24%), a shortage of money for disease prevention and treatment and bad genes (21% each).

Work at or residence near a hazardous enterprises (14%), unfavorable climatic conditions (13%), inability to go on vacation or receive a medical rehabilitation course for a long period and malnutrition (11% each) come next.

Neglect of sports and physical exercise (6%) and smoking and alcohol abuse (5%) are at the bottom of the list.

The number of complaints about bad genes (16% vs. 21%) and working at a hazardous plant (10% vs. 14%) has grown since last year, the sociologists said.

Some 37% of 1,600 respondents polled in 130 towns and cities in 42 regions were inclined to blame themselves for their bad health. They also blamed low living standards (35%) and bad ecology (32%). Twenty-seven percent mentioned unsatisfactory healthcare, and 17% put the blame on the authorities. Bad labor conditions were mentioned by 5% and 4% said God was punishing people for their sins.

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