Russians blame government for price rise, insufficient social protection – poll

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MOSCOW. Aug 25 (Interfax) – Russians mostly criticize the national government for “being unable to deal with the price rise and shrinking household income” (42%) and “failing to ensure social protection” (34%), the Levada Center told Interfax.

The price rise problem is losing its topicality (48% in January 2016 vs. 55% in 2015), while social protection demands are on the rise (25% in January and 22% a year ago).

A growing number of Russians believe that the government “is corrupt and mostly pursues selfish ends” (27% now vs. 19% in 2015) and “is unable to cope with the economic crisis and falling production” (25% now vs. 23% a year ago).

Some 23% of respondents complain that the government “does not have a well-conceived anti-crisis program” and “cannot provide jobs,” while 11% criticize the government for “low professionalism” and 9% suspect the cabinet of acting “in the interests of shadow, mafia capital.”

The government is also criticized for “the inefficient fight against crime” (8%), “actions in the interests of foreign capital” (7%), “inability to ensure security of people and to handle terrorists” (5%) and “a lack of control over situation in the North Caucasus” (2%).

Seven percent of 1,600 respondents older than 18 polled in 137 populated localities in 48 regions on August 5-8 said they had no claims against the government.