Russian human rights ombudsman urges measures to ensure “real transparency” of psychiatric clinics

Vladimir Lukin file photo

(Interfax – MOSCOW, April 26, 2013) Russian human rights commissioner Vladimir Lukin said that the tragedy in the psychiatric clinic in Ramensky village in the Moscow region’s Dmitrov district was a consequence of a number of issues in the sphere.

“I share deep grief of all relatives and loved ones of the victims. Of course, possible criminal liability for what has happened can only be a result of a thorough and objective investigation of this drama,” Lukin said in a statement released on Friday.

“However, the feeling remains that the Ramensky tragedy is in line with the context of popular civil disease: indifference to all human problems but your own,” Lukin said.

“It is absolutely evident that systemic and effective control over the state of psychiatric clinics on the part of public as well as specially established state bodies is needed in this case as well as in many other cases,” Lukin said.

“Meanwhile, human rights activists’ proposals on the issue have stayed in governmental and legislative bodies with no movement for years or gone around the notorious bureaucratic circle,” the commissioner said.

“Following the tragedy, I’m urging measures to provide real transparency in places where mentally ill people are kept. Only procedures of constant and effective control guaranteed by law and implemented jointly by the state and society can ensure such transparency,” Lukin said.