Russian agency has suspected marathon bomber’s uncollected ID in its files – official

Boston Bombings Suspects File Photo Adapted from FBI Image

(Interfax – MAKHACHKALA, Russia – April 22, 2013) Russia’s Federal Migration Service (FMS) has an uncollected Russian internal passport to the name of Tamerlan Tsarnaev in its files, a suspected co-perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombings killed by police who tried to arrest him, a senior FMS official said.

In July 2012, Tsarnaev “filed an application saying that he had lost his Russian passport in Boston, paid a fine of 300 rubles and submitted all the necessary documents, but he never came round to collect the passport when it was ready,” Gusein Zulpikarov, deputy head of the FMS branch for the Dagestan republic, told Interfax.

“We have the document at the moment. Under the law, such passports are to be kept for three years.”

Tsarnaev received his first Russian domestic passport in 2001, Zulpikarov said.