RUSSIALINK: “Russia-U.S. relations at their lowest since Cold War ended – presidential aide Ushakov” – Interfax

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MOSCOW. June 8 (Interfax) – Russia-U.S. relations are at their lowest since the end of the Cold War era, and thus, things need to change to the benefit of both countries and the world at large, Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov said at the Primakov Readings forum.

It would be logical to pay attention to Russia-U.S. relations ahead of the bilateral summit due to take place in Geneva on June 16, Ushakov said.

“Everyone knows that interaction between these two countries seems to be at its lowest since the end of the Cold War era. Clearly, something needs to be done about that, considering that this creates real risks, not only for these two big countries, but also for the entire world,” he said.

The global situation is becoming more complicated, Ushakov said. “As the president [Vladimir Putin] has pointed out, the global security system is becoming less predictable, it is degrading, and the potential for conflict is growing in general,” Ushakov said, adding that new local hotbeds of tension are emerging against the backdrop of numerous unsettled regional crises.

“Clearly, the way relations are developing between the East and the West is a source of particular concern. The notorious sanctions keep spiraling, they are causing obstructions and very seriously obstructing the establishment of normal relations, and they aren’t good for global stability as a whole,” he said.

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